Twitterati Going Crazy on the Verdict of Salman Khan’s Cinkara Poaching Case

Salman Khan has got clean chit from the Rajasthan High Court on blackbuck and chinkara poaching case. This is a moment of great celebration for the family and Salman Bhai’s fans and they also showed it through tweets, but everyone is not equally happy with the verdict.

salman khan fans

His sister Arpita Khan also thanked his fans and other supporters for his victory.

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The Rajasthan High Court finally closed the 18 years case against Salman Khan for poaching of the Chinkaras during the shoot of the movie Hum Saath Saath Hain. The lower court gave its verdict in 2006, where Salman was given one year and five year terms, against which is applied in the Jodhpur bench of the high court.

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salman khan acquitted

salman khan acquitted

The social media world flooded with the mixed reactions on Salman Khan’s acquittal in blackbuck and Chinkara poaching cases. While his die heart fans wished him for the victory, most of the people busted out their anger on different social media platforms.

salman khan acquitted

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Some people are really angry with Salman Khan’s acquittal in this 18 years’ old poaching case and they have taken it to the leading micro blogging website Twitter to vent out their anger.

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While some have bluntly condemned the decision, some showed their disapproval with some hilarious tweets. But whatever is the way, the common thing is that there is a huge population that is not happy with the court’s decision.

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In the tweets some just questioned the latest acquittal verdict, and some also attacked other infamous hit-and-run case and the same verdict in that case.

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Not just common people, his onscreen Bhabhi Renuka Shahne was also unhappy with the decision. She showed her disapproval with the verdict through a sarcastic post on Facebook.