Brides Special: Expert Tips for Nail Extension and Their Maintenance

On the wedding day, it is not just the face and the outfits that draw the attention of the guests but your hands also enjoy the limelight. From beautiful bangles to dark henna on the palms and nails with the appealing color of nail paint, everything is on display.

Are you looking forward to getting picture perfect nails for your D-day? If yes then hang on for a few minutes and read this post to get the best from the money spent on nail extensions.

Although we all want and love to have long nails, but not all are lucky enough to have strong nails. Many of my friends crave for long nails but hate them when these break after growing. If you also have the same problem and find it impossible to grow your nails, don’t lose your heart. Nail extension and beautiful nail art can help you flaunt eye-catching nails on your wedding day.

Benefit of Nail Extension

One of the reasons nail-extension has completely kicked out the trend of artificial nails is their durability. They are stronger than artificial nails and help you flaunt beautiful nails not just on your wedding but also on other functions like reception etc. Further, the material that is called ‘tip’ looks completely like your natural nails and don’t create the illusion of artificial nails.

nail extension


After investing in nail extension, you can enjoy the beautiful look for around 2-3 months. So after getting this, you don’t need to worry about care and maintenance of fake nails for months.

Follow the Right Process

Though nail extension hides the original nails, but it doesn’t mean you should get it done on dirty and un-shapely nails. It is recommended by the nail art experts to go for a manicure before application of fake nails.

Plan Ahead

You cannot take a risk on your wedding by experimenting with different styles and colors. It is always better to plan ahead and find the best nail extension artist in your area and ask them the most suitable nail paint color and nail art design as per your wedding outfit.

Choose from gel or acrylic nail extension based on the strength of your nails and the type of look you want. If you are looking for glossy nails, gel nail extension is the right choice for you. Those having very thin and weak nails should opt for acrylic nail extension.


By saying that nail extension is durable in nature, I don’t mean that these don’t need care and maintenance at all. You still need to pay attention to them to prevent them from looking dull and bad. To ensure that the false nails look beautiful on your D-day, take care of them and follow the tips given here.


Remove Fake Nails Carefully

Taking off the nails fixed in nail extension is different from the artificial nails. You cannot simply pull them out as it can be very painful. If possible, you should fix an appointment with the nail extension experts and get these removed by the experts. As the fake nails are fixed with some gel and adhesive, pulling them with force can cause damage to your skin.

Get Right Tools

Filing fake nails is different from the original nails, so you should get right tool-kit to take care of your nails. A boomerang nail file is a great option to control the thickness of nail extensions and to smoothly file the awkward areas.

Cuticle Oil

As fake nails are applied through gel and powder, it makes the cuticles rough. Expert artists suggest using some good quality cuticle oil as a daily routine to keep them moisturized. The oil protects the nail, skin, and cuticle from the damage caused by the nail extension process.

Along with your face and body, you nails also deserve a little love. Nail extension makes your nails look fabulous and saves you from the hassle of covering your chipped nails with the clutch throughout the wedding function.