This TV Actress Got Warning For Her Increasing Weight

Television and film industry are the places where a lot of importance is given to the looks. Viewers expect the actors to look perfect all the time. And when it comes to the actresses, they just want them to look beautiful, slim and gorgeous. But ultimately the actors are also human beings and at times they also gain weight, which becomes a hurdle in their career.

The actress who is facing problems due to her increasing weight is Neha Pendse from May I Come In Madam. Neha has got warning from the makers of the show to either lose extra weight or leave the show. As per a report in a newspaper, the beautiful and bubbly actress put on some weight in previous year, which is affecting her show.

However, Neha refuted all such news. She said that her fans like her as she is and she doesn’t need to lose weight. But we still have some doubt due to difference in the duration of contract renew. While contract of other actors of the show has been extended for one year, her contract renew duration is just six months.

No doubt the actress looks amazing and adds life to the show. I don’t think makers should take such a big step of asking her to quit the show just because of a few extra kilos on her body.

May I Come In Madam is a popular comedy serial on Life Ok. Showing a struggle of a man stuck between his wife, female boss and her wife’s grandmother’s ghost, the show tickles the funny bones and makes the viewers smile. The way the lead actor of the show tries ways to seek attention of his good looking boss and then plays tricks to hide things from his wife bring smile on our face.

What are your thoughts?