The Kapil Sharma Show: Ali Asgar Gives Signals of Returning To the Show

Mid air brawl between Kapila Sharma, Sunil Grover and Chandan Prbhakar caused a huge loss to the comedy king Kapil Sharma. Most of the leading comedians including Ali Asgar left the show making situation worst for the actor and comedian. Show’s TRPs dropped down suddenly.

However the things started getting better with comeback of Kapil Sharma’s costar and childhood friend Chandan Prbhakar. But other characters including Dadi played by Ali Asgar, Dr. Mashoor Gulati played by Sunil Grover and the teacher played by Sugandha did not come to the show. They all joined other shows on different channels.

Popular comedian Ali Asgar who rise to fame after The Kapil Sharma Show will soon be seen ‘Lip Sing Battle’ where he will be hosting the show. The interesting thing here is that he will again be playing a female character ‘Farah’.

On ‘Lip Sing Battle’ launch event, Ali Asgar talked about many things related to Kapil Sharma and his show, which went off air recently. He said that there is no issue between Kapil and him. He further added that, if Kapil Sharma comes back his show and invites him to join the team, he will definitely come.

Further talking about the fight and him leaving the show, he said, “Maine koi kasam nahi khati uske saath kaam nahi karke ki. He was the captain of the ship where I used to work. That project did not work out, that’s it.”

Clearing the rumors that he also left the show due to the fight, he said, “I was not happy with the way my character shaped up.It had no definition. I felt people would get bored of watching me at some point.I had to do something else. I would get little to do in the last few minutes of the episodes. In he last over of a match, when two balls are remaining and you ask the batsman to hit 12 runs, how is that possible. I continued with it for a year and then I decided to plan my exit. Around that time, the unfortunate incident on the flight from Australia happened, which further fuelled the exit.”

He said he was fed up of doing a female character for long time, but after 7 months he has again returned on television in the same character in ‘Lip Singh. Talking about it he said, “I’ve been tired of working as women; I want to do different roles now. In 7 months I had no work, but there was a charm in ‘Lip Sing Battle’ which I could not refuse.”