6 Ways Sleeping With Makeup on Damages Your Skin

Have you ever faced a situation when you didn’t remove your makeup at night due to tiredness or laziness and next morning woke up with a pimple on your face?

The thought of sleeping without washing the face comes to the mind very often in the chilling winters. You console yourself by saying, ‘I am not wearing heavy makeup, so it won’t have any effect on my skin.’

There have been many situations when we sleep with makeup on. With me, it generally happens when I come back from a party where I danced a lot. I know this is harmful to my skin but still commit the blunder to sleep with the makeup on that wreck havoc on my beautiful skin.


If you also do it often, just read the six ways sleeping with makeup on can damage your skin and I bet you will never repeat this mistake again.

Here is why sleeping without removing makeup is the worst thing you do with your skin.

Makeup Damages the Pores

Have you ever tried to check your skin with a magnifying glass? Get it done by a dermatologist and they will tell you about clogged or over sized pores. Makeup at night embeds itself into the pores making them look bigger. This is not just enhanced the size of pores but also the other problems associated with it like recurring acne.


Dull Complexion

We apply so many creams, lotions, and other beauty products to make your skin look glowing, but by sleeping with the makeup on at night, we reverse all the effects. Always notice that when you sleep without removing your makeup, next morning your face will look dull and dark even after cleansing it. When oil and dead skin cells on the face come in contact with the pillow at night, the outermost layer of the skin turns dull.

Dull Complexion

Risk of Infection

Though sleeping with makeup on your face might not cause infection directly, it can contribute to the problem if you are already having active skin abrasion. Acne or a pimple on the face can turn worse due to the chemicals in the cosmetic products. However, skin can tolerate a lot of things it can become reactive if you ignore it for longer. Makeup is good for eight hours, but if you leave it on your skin for 24 hours, it can trigger skin problems.

Skin Infection

Irritation in the Eyes

If you are a girl who loves eye makeup and applies each and every product like mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and kohl, you should never ever think of sleeping with makeup on. Particles of the eye makeup can clog the follicles and can cause irritation on the skin. Further, leaving mascara on the eyelashes at night can make them brittle.


Ageing Skin

Dr. Chiu, a skin specialist says, “Dirt and makeup trapped against your skin cause environmentally induced oxidative damage.” It causes premature aging by breaking the skin barrier. Not washing your face for around 30 days and applying makeup again the next day can make you look 10 years older than your real age.

Aging Skin

Now isn’t it really shocking?

Invitation to Zits and Acne

If you don’t love your glowing and clean face and looking for a perfect recipe to get acne, sleeping with makeup on is the right option for you. Even the girls who are not acne prone can get heinous breakouts on their skin due to the buildup of makeup, dirt, oil and bacteria.

Acne facial care teenager

Hope you never torture your skin again by sleeping with the makeup on!