Shocking! Telugu Actor Pradeep Commits Suicide After Tiff With Wife

Small arguments and quarrel are part of a married life. But who can think that these arguments can even take somebody’s life? Yes, it happened with Telugu actor Pradeep Kumar, who committed suicide yesterday.

Telugu actor Pradeep Kumar had a tiff with his actress wife Pavani at wee hours on Tuesday. After the arguments Pavani slept in the living room while Pradeep went in bathroom. In the morning, the TV actress found her husband’s body hanging at his resident in Alkapuri, Hyderabad.

pavani and Pradeep

As per the reports, Pradeep and family celebrated Sravan’s birthday party, after which the couple had arguments on some issue. Sources said that Pradeep had problem with his wife’s closeness with her cousin, D. Sravan Kumar.

Saptha Matrika star Pradeep Kumar married a TV actress and model P. Durga Reddy widely known as Pavani in August 2016. Pavani cousin was living with them in their apartment for last three months.

TOI quoted Pavani saying, “When Pradeep was saying something, I was attending to some other work. This had upset him and we had an argument. Subsequently I went inside the washroom and started crying. Meanwhile, Pradeep smashed a glass pane and injured his hand. My brother Shravan attended Pradeep by applying medicine. He was in bad mood and consumed lot of alcohol. So I thought of leaving him alone and went to another room.”

Police found injury marks on Pradeep’s right hand and head based on which they have filed a suspicious death case. For now, the police have seized mobile phones of all three for further investigation.