Shocking! Arjun Rampal Had to Hide in The Loo to Avoid This Actress

Looks like Urvashi Rautela can to go any heights to get noticed. The actress who got in the limelight after the movie ‘Great Grand Masti’ has become a controversy queen due to her unusual acts.

She was recently in news due to irritating guests at Manish Malhotra’s birthday party. First she gate crashed the party and irked the guests by becoming part of every picture. She was present in almost every photograph clicked at the party. She became center of attraction at the party but in negative way. Everyone at the party was bugged of her and was looking for ways to get rid of her.

When it was confirmed with Urvashi’s spokesperson, the answer was, “Firstly, let me tell you that Urvashi did not gatecrash Manish’s party. Manish and Urvashi are good friends. Secondly, Urvashi respects all the senior people in her fraternity. So, what’s wrong if she clicks selfies with them? Like many others, Arjun Rampal is also a senior actor for her.”


This is not the first time; Urvashi has come into the news for such kind of acts. News of her getting too close to ‘Sultan’s’ director Ali Abbas Jafar to get a role in the movie was rife in the industry. However, she couldn’t get the role she got enough publicity for this.

Now according to, this time the victim was Arjun Rampal. As per the news, some time back, she spotted Arjun Rampal at a party and asked him for a photograph. On her request, the actor gave her photograph, but she was not satisfied with that.


After giving her the picture, the actor noticed that she was still following him and upon turning around, he got response from Urvash, “Lemme take one more. I couldn’t get a good one.” This made the actor uncomfortable and he tried to maintain distance from Urvashi. But she was in no mood to stop it, which forced Arjun to look for another option. He got so uncomfortable that he went’ to the men’s loo and came out only after confirming that Urvashi is not around.

When she couldn’t find Arjun Rampal in the party, her next target at the same place was Jacqueline Fernandez.

We can understand Urvashi that networking is a good way to get work in the entertainment industry, but this doesn’t mean you should get on nerves of senior actors. Everyone has own space and you should respect it.