Say No To These Seven Things For Beautiful Face

Our face is the most important part of the body. Skin on your face is very sensitive and a minor mistake in selection of products for it can cause huge damages. I have personally seen people who suffered a lot of problems just because of wrong products. From dark spots to skin burns and wrinkles, use of certain things on face can cause various problems.

Here are seven things you should immediately stop using if you don’t want to spoil your beautiful face.


You must have heard that toothpaste is a good remedy to dry out a zit, but have you ever noticed the after effects of using it on your face? The strong chemicals in the paste make skin dry by zapping moisture. Further, the chemicals in the paste leave dark scars on the face, which are impossible to treat with any homemade face packs for glowing skin.

Hot water

Moisture is a necessity for the skin to maintain its softness and glow. Hot water makes skin dry and dead by taking away all the moisture. Hot shower makes skin patchy and dry by eliminating the protective layers and natural oil in the skin.


No doubt rubbing alcohol on wound is good as it disinfects the problem area, but using it on face can be more harmful than beneficial. Make sure you never use alcohol on face to get calming effects as it can cause inflammation and infection.


It might be beneficial for hair but not for face. Acidic properties of mayonnaise clog the pores and not let the skin breath properly. If you use mayonnaise as a beauty regime, make sure it is limited to just your hair. Don’t let it reach your cheeks if you want soft and beautiful face.


Face and hair are made of different molecules and need varied cleansers. Having much softer molecules, face needs cleanser made of milder stuff while shampoo has strong surfactant to clean hair. So don’t damage the delicate facial skin by using harsh. It makes face look dry, flaky and dull.

Body Lotion

When the manufacturers are making it clear by the name why don’t you pay attention to it. The name itself is saying ‘body lotion’ which means it is not meant for face. High fragrance in body lotions can cause irritation. Skin of your face is generally softer than the skin of remaining body and this cannot handle lotions with less nourishment and more fragrance.


Mint is a common ingredient used in many lip care and other products. However, for skin it is an irritant. For people with acne, redness and sensitive skin, mint just worsen the situation.

Face is your identity and you should be extra cautious when it comes to using products on it. So make sure next time you pay attention to the properties of things before putting these on delicate facial skin.