Sarabhai Vs Sarabhia Comes Back To Tickle Your Funny Bones

Do you miss those lame poems by Roshesh or the sweet fight between Maya Sarabhai and her middle class daughter-in-law Monisha Sarabhai?

So finally the wait is over! One of the most popular and successful sitcoms of Indian television industry ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’ is coming back to tickle your funny bones. The new season of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai will be launched as a web series.

During an interview with a leading daily, show’s producer JD Majethia said, “Shooting will continue all through April. We are targeting a May release.”

However, the news of show’s 2nd Season after 11 years took fans by surprise as in 2012 the director Deven Bhojani made a statement that the show will never come back.

New season of Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai will start after a leap of seven years in the storyline. The web series will also show the stars in new avatars.

sarabhai vs sarabhai

During an interview earlier, Ratna Pathak Shah, who played Maya Sarabhai in the original show said, “The world has changed today. Things have changed in the 10 years that we’ve been away and we need to acknowledge that. We need to be extremely well-prepared to come back with something better. If not, then we shouldn’t come back at all.” She focused on a good script to make their web series noteworthy and at par with the original standards.

Revolved around an upper class family in Mumbai, the show focused on struggle of a middle class daughter-in-law. The show made people laugh by showing the differences of opinion between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law due to their varied backgrounds.

Lead actors of the hit TV show included Ratna Pathak Shah, Satish Shah, Rupali Ganguly, Sumeet Raghavan and Rajesh Kumar.

The show will go live in May, shooting for which start from end of this month.