Reasons Why Tubelight Failed To Meet The Expectations of Audience

Is Salman Khan’s Bad Acting The Only Reason Behind Tubelight’s Failure?

Salman Khan’s much awaited and highly hyped movie Tubelight released on Eid. But the movie failed to click. Not even Salman Khan’s huge fan base could help the movie make decent collections. Against all the expectations of breaking previous box office records, the movie even failed to survive for one week in theaters. According to’s reports, the movie has just collected Rs. 93 crore in one week, which is not expected from Bhai’s movie.

Many critics are blaming Salman Khan’s bad acting for movie’s failure. But is it the only reason? No, there are a few more reasons behind Tubelight’s failure at box office.

  1. Negative Feedback

Be it the critics, box office analysts or neutrals who watched the movie, all gave negative feedback. Even Salman Khan’s fans also said that the movie is not very entertaining and interesting. All said that they are disappointed.

  1. Salman Khan’s Acting

Salman Khan’s same expression throughout the movie is what audience didn’t like. Some even said that the actor looked to be constipated most of the time.

  1. Plain Story

Many die hard Salman Khan fans, who went for first day first show found the story very plain and boring. They said that there was no suspense, no action and no twist in the movie. They found Salman’s character too cute. In the scene where Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub’s character slaps Salman Khan, fans expected Bhai to hit him back but sticking to the character, Salman Khan starts crying, which fans didn’t like.

  1. Entertainment

On Eid, the audience expected to watch some happy and entertaining movie, but Tubelight as against the hope was a sad movie. The movie rolls around people who have lost something in their lives. In short, Tubelight cannot be passed as a festive release.

  1. Wrong Choice for Man-Child

Salman Khan played a man-child in movie, which no-doubt he justified well. But audience couldn’t digest to see a 52 year old man playing a child, which could also be due to his stardom and a macho man image among fans.

  1. High Expectations From Salman and Kabir Khan Pair

Looking at the success of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, people went to the theater with same expectations in the mind. But it seemed that Bajrangi Bhaijaan hangover was still there on Kabir Khan and he made just a few changes in the movie keeping the plot somewhat similar. Now whatever the earnings movie does, it will be only because of Salman Khan’s stardom and some Kabir Khan’s movie fans.

  1. Lack of Freshness

The plot of Tubelight has been loosely adopted from the American film ‘Little Boy’ which leaves it with no freshness. Those who have watched the original movie will definitely not waste their money on Tubelight. Further, the movie lacks repeat value. I have talked to so many people who have watched the movie in theaters and the only feedback they gave is “It’s just one time watch.”

  1. Baahubali 2 Hangover

The movie goers are still in Baahubali 2 Hangover. As soon as Tubelight released, they started comparing it with Baahubali, which in reality is a completely different movie. As fans expect action and gallery from Salman Khan, they got disappointed on seeing the cute Bhai who didn’t even beat the guy slapping him repeatedly.

  1. Limited Screen Time for Salman and Sohail Khan

As Salman Khan said during Tubelight’s promotions, “Even brothers who don’t talk to each other will call up after watching Tubelight”, people expected a strong bond and chemistry of Salman Khan and Sohail Khan. But the movie had very limited screen time together for the brothers. They just had a few scenes after which Sohail Khan leaves for a war.

Tubelight’s failure on box office has proved that audience no more go to the theatre just to watch their favorite actors. They want a strong story and if it lacks even the big stars also can’t save the movie.