Dos and Don’ts of Night Skin Care Regime


Are you fed up of seeing dull and darker skin every time you look in the mirror? Isn’t your skin showing any signs of improvement even after taking healthy diet, using the best cosmetic brands and sweating out at the gym? Well, in this case, you need to reaffirm your skin care routine you follow at night.

Removing makeup before going to bed; sleeping for six to eight hours and moisturizing the skin with high-quality cream are some of the basic skin care practices we neglect for various reasons. This ignorance not just makes your skin look dull and tired but also takes away the natural glow.

To help you get glowing, pimple free and healthy skin, I have made a list of dos and don’ts of skin care regime at night.

Sleeping with makeup on

Don’t sleep without washing your face as it can make your skin more prone to acne and other skin allergies caused by the chemicals in beauty products.

What to do

Make sure you remove makeup before going to bed as it doesn’t allow your skin to breathe properly. Further, the dirt particles that stuck on makeup can make your skin look dull. The day when you are too tired to wash your face, at least, clean it with wet wipes to remove dirt and impurities from your skin.

sleeping with makeup


Don’t sleep without applying moisturizer on your hands, legs, and face.

What to do

Make it a habit of applying moisturizer before hitting the bed. If you have dry skin, it gets essential to make your skin smooth. A high-quality moisturizer keeps dry skin hydrated and prevents it from ageing.



Don’t over scrub your skin as it can lead to rashes and breakouts.

What to do

Of course, exfoliating is important for skin to remove dead skin cells, but over scrubbing is not a good idea. Use some good quality exfoliation pack or make a homemade scrub from oatmeal, gram flour or coffee to get the radiant and youthful skin. Though exfoliating skin twice a week is a good idea, if you have sensitive skin, once a week is enough for you.


Eye care

Don’t ignore skin around your eyes. Dark circles make you look dull and old while puffiness makes you look sleepy.

What to do

Wash skin around your eyes and apply natural eye gel before going to sleep. It helps you feel relaxed and get sound sleep. You can also use grated potato or cucumber slices to get rid of puffiness. Potato juice is a great home remedy for dark circles.

eye care

Beauty sleep

Don’t compromise with your sleep as it can make you look old at very early age.

What to do

Sleep for at least eight hours every night to allow cell regeneration. The cell regeneration at night reverses the damage caused to the skin during the daytime by pollution and harmful UV rays. Just try sleeping for complete eight hours for a few days and you will feel the glow in your skin.

These are some simple tips for glowing and fairer skin. If you follow these tips before sleeping at night, you will surely get the blemish-free, glowing and healthy skin.