What Makes Handloom Sarees Premium and Great Buy For Indian Women?

Saree is an indispensable part of Indian women’s attire choices. Be it the ancient time when these used to be draped like a piece of cotton or the modern times when there is a huge variety of designer sarees, the charm, and craze for the attire has remained same.

Be it a wedding, a pooja at home, meeting in the office or any other traditional occasion, women from every part of India love to wear saree. To meet varied requirements of contemporary women, fashion designers have now filled the market with an array of swanky sarees. No matter how beautiful the designer sarees are the charm of handloom silk sarees is still intact among women.

Handloom silk sarees:

Created by the artisans in small villages, handloom silk sarees have the true essence of Indian culture. Every type of handloom saree has its own identity making it popular among women. Further, these sarees are made from natural fibers and dyed from chemical free dyes, making them completely safe for the wearer and environment. These are some of the reasons that make handloom silk sarees a premium and great buy for every Indian woman.


Number of choices for different women is one of the reasons behind the popularity of handloom sarees. Major handloom silk sarees you can find in the market as well as on online stores are:

Banarasi Handloom Silk Saree:

Banarasi handloom sarees got their name from the region of their origin – Banaras. These extravagant sarees make the wearer look elegant, classy and beautiful. On weddings and traditional occasions, Banarasi silk sarees are the first choice of women.

Patola Handloom Sarees

These are traditional Gujarati handloom sarees, loved by women for their exquisite patterns and meritorious designs.

patola saree

Kanchipuram sarees:

These sarees are more popular in South India. Ladies love Kanchipuram sarees for their elaborate Zari work and designs. In South, Kanchipuram sarees with silver and golden threads are also worn by the bridals.


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Chanderi Silk Sarees

India has gained immense popularity overseas for its unmatched variety of chanderi silk sarees. From the unique shades to elegant designs, soft and airy feel, butis and classy weave, everything makes these handloom sarees a premium buy for Indian women.

chanderi saree

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