How to Lose Weight without Affecting your Health?

How to Lose Weight Naturally?

Do you hate stepping on the weighing scale due to your weight?

Do you find it frustrating when you are not able to fit into a stylish dress?

Increasing weight has become a common problem nowadays. Most of the people you will find are always in search of helpful weight loss tips to cut their belly fat or to reduce overall weight.


The problem is not the excessive weight, but the technique we follow to lose weight.

What is the first thing people do when they notice weight gain?

The first step is to stop taking regular diets. Without giving it a second thought and the impacts on the body, people start starving themselves to shed the extra pounds.

Do you also do the same?

If yes, just stop it immediately. More than weight loss, you are causing harm to your body. You might see some changes in your body, but these are accompanied by various other side effects like fatigue, weakness etc.

To lose weight and get a perfect figure, you never need to starve yourself. A right blend of healthy diet and workout is all you need to get the body that you can flaunt proudly. One more thing to keep in the mind is that there is no relation between quick weight loss and healthy weight loss.

To lose weight without affecting your body, you need to be patient. Good results always take time: be it your promotion in the office or the curvy body. You need to bring some lifestyle changes; include some healthy food options and include more physical activities in your daily routine.

Here are some tips to help you lose weight and get the perfect figure, you always craved for.

Eating habits

To start your weight loss journey, first of all, you need to bring some changes in your eating habits.

No, I am not talking about skipping meals or just switching to the salad diet.

You need to replace the junk food, binge eating and unhealthy diet with the healthy food items. Your body always needs proper meals throughout the day; the only need is to keep a record of your calories. By making healthier choices, you can take ample food and can still lose weight.


Swap bread and jam with whole grain

In the busy schedule, bread-jam is the only breakfast most of us rely on. It is the easiest option as it doesn’t include any preparation time. But this makes you feel hungry quickly creating an urge for snacks. By swapping bread and jam with a whole grain like daliya, oats etc. you not only get more nutritious diet but also feel fuller for a longer time.


Swap sugary beverages with healthy drinks

One of the major calories contributors in our body is sugary drinks like packed juices, fizzy drinks, extra sweetened tea and coffee, alcohol etc. To cut down on the calorie intake and get a perfect body, you should replace these drinks with some healthy options like coconut water, black coffee, plain water etc. Besides calories, sugary drinks also affect blood sugar level in your body, which later on creates other problems.

stop sugar drinks

Don’t skip breakfast

Whenever thinking about losing weight, the first thing people do is to start skipping the breakfast, which is one of the biggest mistakes they commit. Rather, you should include healthy food items in your breakfast which are rich in fiber and protein. You can take fruits, whole wheat bread, oats, eggs and low-fat yogurt, to name a few.

healthy food vs junk food


Today’s lifestyle that is completely dependent on electronic gadgets has almost rusted our bodies. Even to go to the nearest grocery shop, people take out their car or bike. Physical activities have almost vanished from the life, which is another reason of the increasing problem of weight gain. To lose weight, you must engage in physical activities, workout, and exercise.


30 minutes of workout

You must spare 30 minutes from your daily schedule for some exercise or activities that help you burn calories. If you cannot visit the gym, you can opt for running, swimming or some heavy household chores like cleaning, washing clothes etc. These 30 minutes not just help you achieve your weight loss goals, but also help you get better health and active body.



This is also a great way to cut that stubborn fat. You can consult with an expert to know the best asanas for weight loss. I would suggest you that you should not start any yogasan by reading it on the internet as a minor mistake in the posture and stretching can cause more harms than benefits.

yoga for weight loss


Do you remember how our parents and teachers used to reward us for performing well or achieving something good in the life? There is still a child inside all of that, who gets really happy and motivated when rewarded. You should set goals for yourself like avoiding specific food for a particular time or running at least 3 miles every day. When you achieve your goals, you can treat yourself with your favorite food like chocolate, a slice of pizza or anything that you think can motivate you.

Sleep well

As per the research, sleeping has a direct relation with weight. Improper sleep or less than 6-8 hours of sleep causes obesity. Make sure you sleep on time and get at least, 6 hours of sleep every day. Keep your mobile phone away from you when you go to the bed so that the chat sounds don’t force you to check it time and again.

Though healthy weight loss is a bit lengthy process, it is not impossible. You just need to keep trust in yourself and follow the weight loss process wholeheartedly. Think about the people who have successfully lost weight like Parineeti Chopra, Zarine Khan, ArjunKapoor and many others. You can read their weight loss stories to get inspiration.

It might seem a bit difficult in the beginning, but when you start seeing the changes in yourself, you will feel motivated and happy.

Are you ready to say goodbye to that extra fat on your body? Don’t forget to share your tips with us through comments.