Lift Your Mood With a Pop Of Color to Your Outfit

I love experimenting with different colors, which also includes some vibrant and neon shades. But I know there are many who feel hesitant in adding bright hues in their collection. In the monsoon season, where there is a high risk of getting wet and looking clumsy, women completely avoid trying a vibrant shade.

pop of color

Mood and Color

Feeling blue; green with envy; seeing red; there is no doubt that colors have strong relation with our mood. It has been scientifically proven that colors affect our mood for we have a natural reaction to them.

Selection of different colors is not just to make you look sexy and beautiful. These have a huge impact on your mood also. A simple pop of color can lift your mood and can make you feel good. Just add a pop of vibrant color any day and you will instantly feel chic and confident.


So every outfit has its own impact on your personality as well as your mood. Monsoon is a romantic as well as messy season due to humidity and water everywhere. But the bad season doesn’t mean that you should also look bad. You can easily lift your mood and can fill yourself with the energy by picking some vibrant and chic hues.

orange purse

Tips to use different colors to boost beauty of your otherwise simple outfit:


Do you like a guy and want to draw his attention? Red it the right color for you. This is a perfect date night color for it is strongly associated with romance and passion. Just be careful when picking the accessories, dress or makeup, as anything overdone looks bad. If you are wearing a black dress, add a pop of red color with nail paint, lipstick, and footwear.



Want to look chic and stylish in rainy season? Add a pop of orange color by teaming up your white outfit with an orange scarf, watch with a vibrant strap and coral lip gloss. Just be careful, as this color might not look equally effective with every skin tone; blend it well with other shades and you are ready with a positive and energetic mood.



This calm and the soothing color is a great choice for spring season due to its association with nature and the outdoors. You can also experiment with this refreshing color in a monsoon to reduce stress. The day you feel extremely stressed, pick out something in green color from your wardrobe to feel relaxed. It is not always about the outfit; if you don’t want to wear green attire, you can just add a pop of this color by pairing your outfit with a scarf, stole, footwear or accessories in this color.


While playing with different colors, just make sure you don’t cover yourself from head to toe in the bright shade. The color is a mood lifter, but only when used wisely. Whether you pick a classic scarf or add an accessory that is chic and colorful, just make sure it suits your personality.

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Are you ready for the transformation by adding some solid color to your outfit? Do you really feel that color affect your mood and personality? Don’t forget to share your views and ideas through comments below.