Indie Pop Sensation A Band of Boys Returns with Asha Bhosle


Do you remember the Indie pop group “A Band of Boys” that gained popularity not for the amazing music, but also due to the charming boys the band had? Also called Indian version of Backstreet Boys, the band was a pop sensation.

I bet no girl can forget that group.

Hey girls and all the music lovers, here is good news for you. The band is coming back with a new music video. And guess what, this time it is coming back with a bang. Returning with the intention to stay for longer, the band has teamed up with the legendary singer Asha Bhosle for their comeback music video.


The reunion of the band includes Karan Oberoi, Cintoo Bhosle and Sherrin Varghese. Siddhart Haldipur will not be the part of the new work.

Their first album ‘Yeb Bhi Woh Bhi‘ released in 2002 and caused a stir among the Indian youth. Huge success of the album shot the band to the instant fame. Their songs ‘Aa Bhi Jaa’, ‘Meri Neend’, ‘Gori’ and ‘Nain Katari’ ruled the chartbusters and helped them get the title of “Indian Backstreet Boys.”

band of boys

In 2007 they returned with another band Nexus, calling themselves Xenabob. Though the music got popularity, the collaboration proved to be just a one-off affair. The boys also tried their luck in movies. Their first movie ‘Kiss Kis Ko’ was released in 2004, but it couldn’t get much success.

band of boys

They were active till 2008 and then were seen in “The Ungli Song” in 2014. They sing the Ungli Song with Shibani Kashyab for 2014 elections and encouraged the masses to vote and use the power of their “Ungli.”

the ungli song - band of boys

 After a few years of inceptions, the singer Sudhanshu Pandey left the band to pursue his acting career. He did different roles on both the big and small screen. The good news is that he has returned to join the band for their ‘second innings’.

band of boys 4

Sherrin Varghese, a member of the band confirmed the news of their comeback and said, “There’s fresh enthusiasm amongst the boys now. Our last album came out in 2008, and since its release, the band has not produced anything.”


And to ensure that this comeback leaves the fans amused the Band of Boys has teamed up with the 82 years old singer Asha Bhosle. One of the members of the band Chintoo Bhosle is Asha Ji’s grandson, so it was an easy route to convince the legendary singer.

The legendary playback singer took it to Twitter to express her excitement and shared a photo of the shoot with the caption “Just finished shooting comeback video with Band Of Boys. Look out…Excellent song,”

The band is all set to reclaim its position as pop sensation of India. Another vocalist of the band Karan Oberoi said, “No more breaks. It’s time to stay for our fans who have given us all the love. We can’t let them down.”