How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer in Monsoon?

Monsoon is here to make us feel relaxed after the scorching heat of summer. We all love the fragrant breeze and dampened meadows in the rainy seasons, but not the humidity that comes complementary with the season. The humidity spoils all the fun as well as the makeup we apply. From patchy foundation smudging lip and eye liner, everything gets really difficult to manage. But this doesn’t mean you will skip makeup completely. All you need is to make some changes in your makeup products and techniques to enjoy monsoon friendly makeup.

However, many find the solution to the problem in waterproof makeup. This is not the right solution as the fear is not just of makeup getting washed by rain but also getting melted and smudged due to humidity in the air.

Now the question is, “How to look beautiful in monsoon even without applying heavy makeup?”

Here are some techniques you can use to make your makeup last longer even in rain and humidity.

  1. Use Primer:

For long lasting makeup in monsoon, start it with a coat of primer. Primer not just fills the pores to keep makeup for longer but also protects your skin from the dust, humidity and bacteria in the air. This works as a natural shield for the skin making it look good all the time.

Portrait of radiant girl with glowing skin

  1. Use Right Blush:

Make your cheeks look naturally beautiful in this romantic season by using powder-based blush. Based on your skin tone, opt for pastel shades of pink and peach to get soft and natural look throughout the day. Further, if you get drenched, try not to rub your cheek to remove blush; rather, dab it with a tissue to normalize the spoiled look.

blush - monsoon

  1. Replace Foundation With Face Powder:

If you don’t want to get messed up, completely avoid using foundation in rainy season. Rather, replace it with the face powder to make your skin look natural even if you get drenched in heavy downpour.

face powder - monsoon

  1. Waterproof Eyeliner:

Use waterproof eyeliner in rainy season to prevent it from getting washed. You can also coat your liquid liner with gel liner to get iconic eyes in monsoon. There are also some humidity proof eyeliners for monsoon, which you can easily find in the market.

waterproof eyeliner - monsoon

  1. Use Cream Based Eye Shadow:

Though it is better to avoid eye shadow in monsoon, if you still want to use it to complete the look go for cream based eye shadow. If you are in no mood to invest in new makeup products and still prefer powdered shadow, first use primer and compact to prevent your eye shadow from getting melt. This also makes your eye shadow stay longer.

eyeshadow - monsoon

  1. Use Matte Lipstick

A woman’s makeup is incomplete without lipstick. But selection of right lipstick is really important to make makeup last longer in monsoon. The perfect choice of lipstick for monsoon is matte as these stay for hours. Buy some good quality cream based matte lipstick which don’t even make your lips dry and stay there even when you get wet.

matte lipstick

  1. Choose Hairstyle Carefully

Don’t commit a blunder of leaving your hair open in monsoon. Either tie them up neatly in a bun or learn different braiding style to accentuate your look. It will also give you a change if you always keep your hair open.

hair style - monsoon

So ladies, get ready for a fun-filled monsoon with these tips without worrying about your makeup!