How to Make Every Dress Look Better with Just one Detail?

Are you bored of wearing your plain t-shirt in the same way? Do you want to add some ‘spice’ to your otherwise simple look?

Actually it’s not just you; every one of us has an item or two in our wardrobe which we don’t like to wear because these look too boring. All we want some magical trick to turn those boring outfits into instant stylish pieces.

Don’t worry! There is one detail that can immediately convert even a boring outfit into a glamorous silhouette.

Scarf is one piece of cloth that can save you from the fashion fatigue. You can instantly make that tiring combo of t-shirt and jeans look fresh with a beautiful scarf tied nicely.

Why scarf?

A scarf is a versatile piece of cloth that can be worn on the neck, head, shoulders and waist. Further, apart from making a fashion accessory, it also serves some cultural and religious purposes. For instance, if you are going to temple or a Gurudwara, the same scarf can be used to cover your head and then again as an accessory. A single scarf works as a cozy piece of cloth in winters and protects you from cold weather while in summer season it protects your face from dust and heat. Having a few pieces of beautiful scarves is way better than having 100 pieces of different accessories as you can use a scarf in multiple ways.

A Blanket Scarf               

Blanket Scarf                                       

Every girl should invest in a beautiful blanket scarf. Now as the winter season is approaching soon, this will be great idea to buy a cozy piece. It will not just help protect you from the cold but will also help in making your dress look more stylish.

Tie a Scarf as a Necklace

scarf as necklace

It tied wisely, a scarf can become a chic necklace replacer, which not only looks great but also saves you from the irritation caused by metal pieces in hot season. In winters it will keep you warm.

How to make a necklace from a scarf?

It’s too simple to convert a scarf into a necklace. You need to do is to tie a few knots every 3 to 5 cm depending on the length of your scarf.

Get a boho look (Triangle scarf)

triangle scarf

Give your plain t-shirt or top an instant makeover with a triangle knot scarf. Having a scarf with pomp pomp will be a cherry on the cake. It instantly gives you a modern casual look and makes a perfect choice for girls’ night out.

How to make a triangle scarf?

Fold your square scarf in triangle shape and just pick up and tie the upper part at the back of your neck and voila.

Try a donut knot

donut knot

Want a perfect and a unique look for a dinner at a fancy restaurant? Why not try a donum know? It will make your pretty dress look more beautiful even without hiding it.

How to tie a donut knot with a scarf?

Fold your scarf to make a large rectangle and wrap it around your neck to get the gorgeous look.

European loop

european loop

It is a style which looks equally good both in summers as well as winters. In winters you can use this scarf tying style to hide the layers of clothes worn under your coat.

How to make European loop?

Fold the rectangular scarf and hold both ends in one hand and the looped fold in the other hand. Put it around the neck and pass the both ends through the loop. And here are ready with a posh look.

The waterfall scarf knot


This style is a perfect option to get a summery look in the winter season. Further, it accentuates your plain t-shirt or tank top.

How to make waterfall knot?

Place scarf around your neck while keeping one side significantly lower than the other. Now make a loop around your neck with the lower side. The third step is to secure the end you used to make the loop at the top corner and fix it with a safety pin.

The belted scarf

belted scarf

Scarves are not there to wear around your neck only. You can also create various other looks and one among them is the belted scarf. This is an effortless yet classy way to add charm to your outfit.

How to design a belted scarf?

You simple need to place the scarf at the back of your neck while hanging both sides at your front. Now tie a belt at your waist around the scarf and here you are with a gorgeous look. It will look great on black short dress as well.

The bunny ear

bunny ear

This is a modern and cute style of tying a scarf. It looks really charming and beautiful at any occasion.

How to make bunny ear loop?

Start by draping the scarf around your neck while keeping one end significantly longer than other. Loop the longer end twice in the same direction and now fit this end through the second loop.

Celebrity loop

celebrity loop

Do you want to wear a scarf like a pro in celebrity style?  Taking inspiration from celebrity looks is a great idea which a large number of people do. So here is a celebrity scarf style for you.

How to make celebrity loop?

Put your scarf on your shoulders while keeping one end longer than the other end. Now loop the longer end around your neck three times and at last fit the end in a way that it dangles down underneath the loop. The last step is to fit the non-looped end over and into the third loop.

Which style did you like the most? Do tell us through your comments below.