How to Hide Love Handles With Clever Dress Selection?

9 Clever Dressing Tips to Hide Love Handles

We call it with different names: love handles, spare tires, muffing tops and bulges. Call it with any name, but the fact that the extra flab around waist makes you look fat remains same. Though men also have love handles, this is a most common issue among women. These just are called love handles, but in reality nobody loves them. And the problem is that some women fail to get rid of these stubborn love handles even after a lot of efforts. If you are also one of the ladies looking for the right way to deal with the issue, here are some styling tips. With selection of right clothing, you can easily disguise the problem area.

Are you ready to get a hold on the love handles? Below are some amazing dressing tips to help you know how to hide love handles.


Denim is a great fabric for the ladies who want to hide the extra flab around their waist. A loose denim dress with pockets creates an illusion effect and hides muffin top altogether.

denim dress

Right Top

If you are worried about those muffin tops, be careful with selection of tops. Sidestep too tight tops and buy some loose, flowy and breezy tops to cover love angles.

right top

High Waist Bottoms

Normal jeans or trousers usually divide hips and waist. For those who want to hide love angles with right dressing, high waist bottoms are right option. Look for bottoms with thicker waistbands and the ones which are above belly button.

hight waist bottom

Avoid Baggy Clothing

I know we all love loose clothing because of the comfort these provide, but sometimes these can make the wearer look bad. Loose and baggy clothes make you look bigger. So make sure you buy clothes with perfect fit, which are neither too tight nor too loose.

baggy clothes

A-line Dresses

A-line dresses like skirts, gowns and other options are blessing in disguise for women for bulges. You can wear anything with confidence as A-line dresses perfectly cover flabby waistline and hip area.

a line dress

Color Combination

Selection of the right colors can impeccably create an illusion of perfect figure. Dark shades like blue, black, grey, brown etc. make a great choice. You can pair bright tops with dark colored bottom.

right color combination

Don’t Wear Belt

If you don’t want your love handles to spill over the trousers, completely stay away from oversized and big belts. Though it is advised to avoid belts completely, if you still need one, opt for a thin and sleek belt.


Different Shirt Styles

There are a few shirt types which flatter women with love handles more as these draw attention away from the extra flab. You can buy Kimono style shirts, Kaftans or wrap shirts.

different shirt styles

 Loud Prints

Right prints work magic when it comes to hiding love handles with right dressing. Look for dresses with loud prints, diagonal stripes, eye-catching prints, intricate prints and other strategically placed prints. Point to notice here is that bold print doesn’t mean large prints. Make sure you buy smaller prints as these give your body an overall smaller look.

Loud prints