How to Gain Weight with Simple Diet Tips?

Life is full of ironies and biggest among all is to get perfect weight. Those who are curvy want to lose weight and those who are thin want to gain some weight to look perfect. Though you will find most of the people struggling to shed extra kilos, but there are many skinny people who wish to gain weight. Some people say that gaining weight is easy as you just have to increase your diet or take some supplements. No, gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight. Fat people say that thin people are lucky as they can eat anything without fear of gaining weight, but in reality they also crave for a well toned body. Life is not just about eating food of your choice but also staying healthy and looking good, which at times gets difficult for lean people. From finding clothes of their fitting to buying shoes which fit into small feet, everything makes life difficult for thin people leaving them wondering how to gain weight.

Being underweight is as harmful and risky for the health as being obese. So it is important that you pay attention to your weight and follow the tips given here to gain weight.

Add more calories to your meals: Most of the food items we eat have some amount of calories. But some food items have an extra amount of calories that can help you gain weight. Consumption of above 250 calories everyday can help you gain at least half a kilo weight.

What to do: Think of food items with more calories like cheese, nuts, peanut butter and make them part of your daily meals. Add some ghee in your daal or vegetables. Use double slices of cheese in your sandwich.

Increase the number of daily meals: If you take three meals a day, double the number but reduce the quantity. Instead of just taking breakfast, lunch and dinner in high quantity, take small amount of calorie-rich food at regular intervals. Usually people take heavy breakfast and light dinner to keep their weight in control, but as need to increase weight, do the opposite. Our metabolism is not as active while sleeping and if you take heavy meal in dinner, you chances of gaining weight increase more.

What to do: Eat toasted butter bread in breakfast; take nuts, dry fruits, salad with cream and cheese sandwiches for snacks and eat some heavy weight gaining items in dinner.

Keep a stock of high-fat snacks: Fat should be an essential part of your diet, if you really want to change your skinny structure into a perfect figure. But fat should not be transferred to your body through unhealthy and junk food.

What to do: Eat nuts, seeds, crackers, dried fruit, full fat yogurt, hummus and nut bars to supply enough fat to your body.

Yoga: We all are aware of unmatched benefits of Yoga. From weight loss to treatment of various health issues and YES weight gain, Yoga has solution to every problem. Yoga works on the root cause of the problems and helps the practitioner gain weight.

What to do: Find out some Yogasans to gain weight and practice them regularly. Here are some of the Yogasans you can try:

  • Sarvangasana to normalize weight according to height and age
  • Pawanmuktasana to increase your appetite by releasing complications related to stomach
  • Vajrasana to gain muscles

Include milk and high-calorie beverage in diet: Drinking water is no doubt good for your health, but sadly it helps more in losing weight as it blunts appetite. If you want to fill your tummy with liquids, better to find some options which help you gain some weight like milk, shakes etc.

What to do:

  • Drink full fat milk
  • Add protein powder in you shakes and smoothies
  • Enjoy coconut and peanut milk to relish your taste buds and gain weight
  • Drink water after your meals

If you don’t see any improvement even after trying these tips, you should talk to your dietitian or doctor to check if there’s some other problem.