How to Find Best Dresses According to Your Body Shape?

“Love your curves and embrace them”, this is an important quote you should always keep in the mind. Not every person is same, but using your unique features as your assets is what makes you more special. Instead of putting efforts in changing your figure to get that “perfect” shape, embrace your curves and find the best outfit to accentuate them.

Know your body shape and wear the clothes which flaunt your figure to make you look glamorous, beautiful and confident.

Inverted Triangle

inverted traingle

Shoulders or bust of women with inverted triangle figure are larger than their hips.

What they should and shouldn’t wear?

To ensure that the dress you wear looks great on you, pick some of the below given outfits:

  • Fitted jacket with a nipped-in waist
  • Jackets or tops with flared bottom
  • V necklines with three-quarter sleeves
  • A-line skirts and flared pants
  • Buy skirts in sating, denim or tweed fabrics

What not to wear?

Stay away from bulky fabrics or clothes which lay emphasis on your shoulders, high necklines, tapered skirts and pants.


pear shaped

Completely opposite of inverted triangle, hips in pear shape are wider than shoulders.

What they should and shouldn’t wear?

  • Look for fit and flare dresses
  • Medium to high neckline clothes to highlight your waist
  • Low rise pants to cover gaping at the waist
  • Straight pants, boot leg

What not to wear?

Avoid wearing baggy garments as these can add bulk to hips making you look heavier. Also stay away from pleats skirts or pants.



As it is clear from the name, there is no difference in shoulder, hips and bust. Women with this figure have no defined waistline.

What they should and shouldn’t wear?

  • Skirts with ruffles, bows and embellishments make a great option for women with rectangle figure.
  • Shoulder pads also make a great option to get a feminine body figure
  • Buy medium to high neckline dresses

What not to wear?

  • Stay away from clingy fabrics and fitted clothes
  • Avoid wearing low necklines as these focus on your flat bust
  • Narrow skirt is also a big no for rectangle figure as this emphasis on flat bottom



Women with hourglass figure have shoulders and hips of same size with defined waistline.

What they should and shouldn’t wear?

  • Wrap tops
  • Pencil Skirts
  • Shoes with peeptoes
  • Light-weighted and thin fabrics
  • Slimming neckline tops and evening dresses

What not to wear?

Baggy clothes and bulky fabrics shouldn’t be part of your wardrobe as these can hide your perfect figure.