Helpful Tips To Choose The Best Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Moisturizing makes an integral part of skin care regime. But there is a common myth among women that oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer as it already has enough of it. In reality, moisturizer is equally important for all skin types. Use of a good quality and right moisturizer normalize oily skin while controlling production of extra oil on the facial skin. Apart from putting a check on oil production, regular use of moisturizer for oily skin also helps you prevent other skin issues like acne, rashes etc. But all this is possible only when you choose right moisturizer as per your skin type.

Usually, we just go to the market and buy any moisturizer randomly, which is not the right way. To ensure that the moisturizer you use give you maximum benefits, you first need to understand your skin type, properties of the product you are buying and a few other things. So here are the tips to help you buy the best moisturizer for your oily skin.

Start with finding the cause of problem

Every time it might not be that you have naturally oily skin. Sometimes it can be due to some wrong products you might be applying on your face. For instance, a moisturizer that is rich in oil or too heavy on your skin can make it oily. Heavy layer of moisturizer on face make it difficult for the skin to absorb it leaving it look oily and greasy. So, first of all you should crosscheck the product you are using and throw them immediately if you think that it is the root cause behind your problem.

moisturizer for oily skin

Read the label

Now when you know that at times you can get oily skin due to use of wrong product, start buying the products carefully. Read the label carefully, to understand the ingredients used in the lotion you buy. Right technique to buy a moisturizer for oily skin is to find one with water-based and non-acnegenic (which doesn’t cause acne) ingredients.  Avoid moisturizer having paraffin, cocoa butter and oils as it will make your skin greasier.

Ointment, Cream or Lotion

When you start searching for moisturizer for your skin, you will notice that these are available in three forms: ointment, cream and lotion. Ointments are thick in consistency, which make them perfect for dry skin as this need a heavy layer to lock in the natural moisture in the skin. Cream is suitable for normal skin types as it just hydrates the face. Lotion makes the best moisturizing option for oily skin types due to high water content and light weight.

Look for SPF

People with oily skin avoid using double layers of moisturizer and sunscreen as it can make their face oilier and shiny. The right option for them is to buy a moisturizer with SPF. Look for a product that doesn’t clog pores or causes pimples.

Consider your age

Requirement of moisturizer of a teenage girl with oily skin will always be different from a 40-year old lady. The later will most probably look for a moisturizer with some anti-aging benefits.

Finding the right moisturizer for oily skin can be really challenging because the market is full of options for dry and normal skin types. But by keeping these tips in the mind, you can definitely find the best product for your oily skin and can make it look normal and naturally beautiful.