Get Glowing Skin Instantly With These Wheat Flour Face Packs

Shedding skin cells and regeneration of new ones is a natural process, but excessive pollution and extreme weather become a hindrance in this process. Further, with age, the skin rejuvenation process slows down, which demand more pampering and care of your face.

No doubt there are hundreds and thousands of face masks in the market claiming to offer the best results in no time, but these are least effective for most of the women. Women usually don’t have the patience to wait for months to see results. They want immediate results to look beautiful and gorgeous. No worries, here are some simple homemade face packs with wheat-flour to get glowing skin in naturally in no time.

Before applying homemade face mask clean dirt from your face:

  • Milk or lotion cleanser (for dry skin)
  • Gel cleanser (for oily skin)

Atta Face Pack For Oily Skin

Being a person with oily skin, I know who difficult it gets in summers and monsoon to step out. But with this simple and effective face mask made from wheat flour and other basic ingredients, you can get rid of this problem. The mask exfoliates the skin, absorbs excess oil and gives you beautiful and glowing skin naturally.

wheat flour face pack for oily skin

How to make it?

Take 4 tbsp of wheat flour, 3 tbsp milk, 2 tbsp rose water and 2 tbsp honey. Boil oil in a pan, mix honey and rose water in it and at last mix wheat flour after removing the pan from the stove. Make a thick paste by blending it well and make sure it doesn’t get lumps. Now let it cool down and apply the pack evenly on face. Wash it off after it dries to see the magical results.

Face pack for tired skin

In this hectic lifestyle, we hardly get time to pamper our skin and it ends up looking so tiring and dull. This wheat flour face mask is a perfect solution to rejuvenate tiring skin and make it look glowing.

Wheat flour face pack for tired skin

How to make it?

Take choker (product left after sieving the flour), mix raw milk, a pinch of turmeric and a few strands of saffron in it. Keep it aside for 10-15 minutes to let saffron work. While mixing milk, make sure the face mask is of thick consistency as you have to leave it on your face to dry. When removing it just scrub your face lightly to see the best results.

Wheat-flour face mask for skin whitening

Every skin color has its own beauty and it looks great. However, some girls still look for remedies to make their complexion look fair. Melanin is the major factor behind skin’s color and excess production of this pigment in body causes black or brown spots on face. By using this simple remedy you can get rid of these dark spots and make your skin look a tone brighter.

wheat flour face pack for skin whitening

How to make it?

Mix 2-3 tbsp milk cream with 1-2 tbsp of wheat flour to make a thick face pack. Wash your face properly Apply this mask on your face and leave it to dry. When the face pack dries naturally, rinse it off with normal water to get glowing skin.

Wheat-flour face mask to treat tanned and irritated skin

Whether you have got sunburn or irritated skin, a simple face mask prepared with wheat flour and some useful ingredients can soothe your skin immediately. Check the process below to make this effective mask.

Wheat-Flour-Pack-For Tanning

How to make it?

Take 1 cup water, 4 tbsp rose petals, orange peel, 2 tbsp milk, 2 tbsp rose water, 2 tbsp honey, and 4 tbsp wheat flour. Boil rose petals and orange peels in water. Heat some milk in another pan, mix honey to it and now mix water with rose petals and orange peels in the milk. Prepare a thick pack by mixing wheat flour with it and apply it on a clean face. Rinse it off after 20 minutes and apply a hydrating moisturizer to make skin look smooth.

Whole wheat flour and the choker are a storehouse of vitamin E. This is an antioxidant, which encourages the growth of anti-inflammatory compounds and controls skin-aging. So instead of wasting money on chemical laden cosmetic products, just give a try to these natural products and get the permanent glow.