Why Dangal got Boycotted on Twitter Just in a Few Hours of Poster Launch?

Aamir Khan’s ‘alleged’ intolerant comments on India are still haunting him. For some time people were calm and we all felt as if everything has gone ok, but with the release of his upcoming movie Dangal’s poster, everything seems to be completely fresh in people’s mind.

Aamir Khan released the poster on Twitter, which no doubt impressed a huge mass due to a strong message. But as it was much expected, people who were furious due to his intolerant comments have come together to boycott his movie.


Within a few minutes of the poster launch, Twitter was bombarded with the tweets promoting hashtag #BoycottDangal and #देशद्रोही_का_दंगल. These became a trending hashtag just in a few hours. If you carefully see the tweets, you will find that some tweets are completely bizarre and shows desperation of the people to defame the actor.

Boycott Dangal

Wait, this is not the only thing the angry “patriots” are doing to boycott Dangal. There are websites against the movie: boycottAamir.in and boycottdangal.in. On these websites people are requesting the masses to sign a petition against the actor.

On one hand people made Salman Khan’s “Sultan” a blockbuster movie with a record breaking opening even after such a disgusting comment on a very serious topic and on the other hand running such big campaigns to boycott Aamir Khan’s movie for a statement which if we seriously think was not wrong.

Congrats, Indian people, we have again proved our hypocrisy and double standards.