Create Magical Impact With Negative Space Eyeliner

Are you bored of applying eyeliner in the same classic style? Do you love to experiment with your look and want some unique style this time?

Why not try negative space eyeliner this time and create magical impact with your dramatic eye makeup?

Confused what is this? Let me first introduce you to Negative Space eyeliner.

Negative space eyeliner is a new trend in subtle, bold and graphic cat eye looks. The hot style started trending a few months’ back. This is a perfect transformation of 60s style with a modern edge. It brings out the artist in you by allowing you to apply the eyeliner like an art form.


What is so special about it?

The blank space you leave between two strokes to show your skin is the beauty of this graphic look. You just have to disconnect the lines or leave some blank space between two lines.

negative eyeliner

How to apply this?

Are you ready to try this hot trend and look classy? Here is step by step process to help you get the perfect negative space eyeliner.


Step 1:

To make sure it stays in place for a long time even in this hot season, first wash your face. Tap dry the face and apply eye shadow primer to lids and lower lash lines. Create a smooth base for the liner by applying a wash of nude shadow or translucent powder.


Step 2:

Use Sugar liquid liner to draw a fine line from the inner corner of your top lash line to the outer corner. Crete a classic cat eye flick by thickening the lines while moving outward. The benefit of using Sugar eyeliner is its non-messy feature and the perfect tip to create fine lines.

sugar eyeliner

Step 3:

After creating perfect fine lines, apply the tip of the liner at the corner of the flick while dragging it upward; around 3 millimeters above the crease line. End the line above the inner corner of your eye.

Natasha Poly at Cannes 2016

Step 4:

Finally, give the finishing touch to the lower lash line by thickening the liner. Join it with the flick when you reach the outer corner.

Step 5:

Aren’t you still satisfied with the look? Not an issue. You still have the option to add more drama to your eyes and make these more appealing. Give high volume to the eyes by tight lining the top lash lines with black eyeliner and then coating these with double coats of mascara.

So now onwards don’t use negative space only for your nail art. Impress people around you with your unique and super stylish makeup sense by applying perfect negative space eyeliner. Follow the steps given above to give an edgy touch to your makeup with a glamor quotient. You can also experiment with eyeliners in different shades to get the more dramatic look.

What are you waiting for? Master the runaway inspired trend by following the steps. Don’t forget to share your images on our social media channels to show your dramatic eyes.