Check Why Salman Khan is Angry with Makers of Bigg Boss 10?

Though Salman Khan is most of the times in the news for his controversial statements and other acts, the actor is kind and benevolent by nature. He has proved it a number of times. His fashion brand ‘Being Human’ is one of the biggest examples of his acts of kindness.

But what happened that made the actor angry with the makers of Bigg Boss 10?

His anger could have been seen in his behaviour while shooting last weekend special episodes of the show. Actually it was not due to one reason, but different incidents that made him feel so bad.

First it was due to Swami Om’s pee incident. It irked him like anything. Then he was also upset due to death of his childhood friend Abis Rizvi and his upcoming movie Tubelight’s co-star Om Puri.

These incidents worked as a fuel to the fire on the mistake made by the makers of Bigg Boss 10.

Actually, Salman Khan brings home cooked food for the contestants every week and asks them about their experience off-camera while shooting for ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’. But this time when he asked the same question, he got shocked to know that the contestants did not get any food.


All the housemates were in surprise on listening to the question, and the confusion on their faces cleared the complete picture in front of the actor. Understanding the situation he lashed out at the makers of the reality show for not bothering to send the food to the contestants.

Salman Khan is popular for treating the cast and crew of his shows and movies with homemade food. He was very disheartened to see how Endemol disrespected his wish and screamed at them for not sending the food inside.