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Latest Movie Trailers

Latest Movie Trailers
Latest movie trailers are what the fans wait for after announcement of any movie. In India, the audience decides the success or failure of any movie by watching new movie trailers. Almost all the movie makers in Bollywood release trailers of their upcoming movies, be it a high-budget movie with big stars or a small-budget movie. Not just movie trailers, nowadays they also spend enough money on the marketing and promotion of new movie trailers coming soon.

Social media and other digital platforms like YouTube have further enhanced the importance of movie trailers in India. This can be easily understood from the new movie trailers 2018 released for the movies coming soon like Zero, Kaalakandi, Padman etc.

What are movie trailers and why do makers spend so much of money on them?

A movie trailer is basically a preview or coming attraction, which the makers use as an advertisement for an upcoming movie. Earlier Bollywood movie trailers used to be shown at the end of the movie, but the strategy failed as most of the patrons used to leave the theatre as soon as the movie used to end. To ensure that people watch the upcoming movie trailers, the makers started showing them before the beginning of the movie.

Trailers are basically created by selecting different shots from the movie to attract the audience to the film. Makers carefully choose exciting, funny and noticeable parts of the film to make trailers engaging but with suspense for the main theme or concept of the movie. Usually, trailers are of 2 to 3 minutes’ duration. However, the makers can increase or decrease the length based on their requirements.

Gone are the days when Bollywood movie trailers used to be released only before the movies running in theaters. Now makers leverage the power of the internet and other mediums to ensure that their upcoming movie trailers reach out to the maximum audience. From posting about the movie trailers coming soon on social media platforms like Twitter to releasing them at a large scale on channels like YouTube, filmmakers ensure that the trailer gets highly viral. New Bollywood movie trailers nowadays get millions of views within a few hours of their release on channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc.

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