Bollywood Celebrities Who Went From Riches to Rags

Bollywood Celebrities Riches to Rags

Bollywood is a surprising world where actors overnight turn into starts and with just a few flop movies they again come back on road. We have always heard about rags to riches stories of actors who struggled a lot and then became an example for the world. But not every star is lucky like Amitabh Bachchan to tell just a success story. There are many Bollywood stars who earned fame and won hearts of audience but gradually faded into oblivion in their last days.

Here are a few examples in the entertainment industry of India, where stars turned from riches to rags and led a miserable life.

  1. Vimi

The Bollywood actress started her career in 1967 with B. R. Chopra’s movie ‘Humraaz’. She married to a high profile businessman Shiv Agarwal against her parent’s wish. After marriage she stopped getting work due to excessively dictating nature of her husband that led to their divorce. After divorce, things took worse turn as no one was ready to give her work due to previous issues created by her husband. Alcoholism took over her and she breathed her last on August 22, 1977 in general ward of Nanavati Hospital.

  1. Bharat Bhushan

Bharat Bhushan was one of the best heroes of his time and earned a lot of fame for his serious roles. But his affair with Meena Kumari and his habit of not saving money led to his downfall. In his last days, when he stopped getting movies, he had to work as a watchman in a movie studio. He also did some small roles on TV and in small budget movies to get money. He breathed his last in 1992 in a rented flat.

bharat bhushan
Bharat Bhushan
  1. Achala Sachdev

Balraj Sahni’s ‘Zohrajabeen’ died a painful death due to ignorance by her son and daughter. No one from her family was by her side in her last time in a hospital in Pune.

achala sachdev
Achala Sachdev
  1. Geetanjali Nagpal

She was a successful model of her timeand walked the ramp for many famous designers. She got too addicted of drugs that in 2007, she was found begging on the streets of posh markets in South Delhi. Not just begging, she also worked as a domestic help to fulfill her requirements.

geetanjali nagpal
Geetanjali Nagpal
  1. AK Hangal

Well known actor whose dialogue “Itna sannata kyu hai bhai” from the movie Sholay got very popular battled acute poverty in his last days. Once Amitabh Bachchan got to know about his pathetic condition and gave Rs. 20 lakhs for his treatment. In his acting career since 1967, he played multiple roles including a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. While fighting with his old age ailments, Avtar Kishan Hangal took his last breath at the age of 95 years.

ak hangal
AK Hangal
  1. Bhagwan Dada

Once a proud owner of a number of bungalows and a big fleet of cars, Bhagwan Dada died in a dirty slum in the working class area in Mumbai. He got fame after the movie ‘Albela’ and lived life like a king, but flop movies like ‘Jhamela’ and ‘Labela’ shattered all his dreams.

bhagwan dada
Bhagwan Dada
  1. Parveen Babi

The charming actress known more for her bold and bohemian looks was found dead in her Mumbai flat on January 22, 2005. People got to know about her death after 3 days when she didn’t pick up milk and newspapers. She was suffering from a mental disease and broke all links from her industry friends. Even after getting news of her death, no one came forward to claim her body for two days. At last, Mahesh Bhatt came forward to perform last rites.

parveen babi
Parveen Babi
  1. Raj Kiran

Raj Kiran’s worst case was reported in 2010 when he was found in a badly demented state in a mental asylum in Atlanta, America. While everyone was thinking that he is dead, his co-star from the movie ‘Karz’ Rishi Kapoor searched for him and located him.

raj kiran
Raj Kiran
  1. Jagdish Mali

A well-known photographer of the industry and actress Antra Mali’s father, Jagdish Mali was found on roads by model Mink Brar on Andheri’s streets. It was Salman Khan who helped him by sending help when Mink found him in shabby condition. The photographer had to sell his studio as well due to financial crisis.

jagdish mali
Jagdish Mali
  1. Alisha Khan

The actress and model belonged to a royal family and worked with the serial kisser of Bollywood Emraan Hashmi. Her royal family had disowned her due to choice of her career. After her boyfriend released an MMS featuring the actress, she lost everything. She was last seen on streets of Delhi.

alisha khan
Alisha Khan
  1. Meena Kumari

The ‘Tragedy Queen’ of Bollywood industry, Meena Kumari also had a miserable end. Breaking heart of many heroes, she married love of her life Kamal Amrohi, which turned out to be the worst decision of her life. She got excessively addicted to alcohol and died, leaving behind scores of bills and debts.

meena kumari
Meena Kumari
  1. Chandra Mohan

Chandra Mohan was a popular actor from Madhya Pradesh and ruled the industry for almost a decade from 1930s to 1940s. He worked in around 20 movies including ‘Amrit Manthan’. He could have begged the lead role in Mughal-E-Azam, but his addiction to gambling and alcohol took away not just his all wealth but also his life at the young age of 44.

chandra mohan
Chandra Mohan
  1. Mitali Sharma

Bhojpuri actress and model, Mitali Sharma was recently found bagging in Mumbai. She was also caught by two lady police officers for committing theft where she tried to hit both of them to escape from the location. She worked in some good movies, but gradually she stopped getting work and went into depression. When taken to the police station, she asked for food as she had not eaten anything for many days.

mitali sharma
Mitali Sharma
  1. O.P Nayyar

Leading musician O. P. Nayyar spent his last day in pathetic condition. He gave many hit tunes to the industry, but lost everything due to his alcoholism. After breaking all his relations with his family, he spent his last days at a fan’s home. Condition was so bad that, when someone used to approach him for interviews, money and alcohol used to be his first demands.

op nayyar
OP Nayyar
  1. Satish Kaul

Satish Kaul is a popular actor who has worked in above 300 Hindi and Punjabi movies. From Amitabh Bachchan to Dilip Kumar, Shah Rukh Khan and Govinda, he has worked with all the leading actors of Bollywood industry. But now the actor is living in a pathetic condition. He lost all his money in a business that led to his bad health and left him bedridden.

satish kaul
Satish Kaul