8 Hairstyles to Add Oomph to Your Party Look in Wedding Season

Top 8 Hairstyle for Wedding

With the beginning or wedding season, the amount of wedding invites we receive increases. The number of weddings takes place in November, December, January and February; make it all together a different season “Wedding Season”. Boys might not be so worried about the season, as all they need is to look for the trendy clothes and right footwear to look great. But the wedding season brings a lot of confusion for the ladies. From selecting the best outfits to right makeup, different accessories and flattering HAIRSTYLE, there are a number of things they need to take care of. Making same bun or keeping hair open with the ethnic outfit might seem boring all the time. So to help you get a glamorous and stylish look this wedding season, we have brought you a list of cool hairstyles you can try with any outfit.

  1. Traditional Bun

There is no comparison of traditional bun with the ethnic wear. However, you can give it a different look with varied hair accessories like stylish pins, gajra etc.

side low bun
Traditional Bun
  1. Textured Ponytail

Whether you wear an Anarkali or a gown for a sangeet party, textured ponytail is great way to look different. This is also a perfect hairstyle for the ladies, who couldn’t manage to wash their locks due to a lot of work in marriage.

textured ponytail
Textured Ponytail
  1. Beachy Waves

This is one of the most versatile hairstyles for a perfect wedding look. This not just makes you look beautiful but also adds a little drama immediately.

beachy waves
Beachy Waves
  1. Fishtail Braid

I know many of you will think that I have mad that I am suggesting a fishtail braid for a wedding look. But trust me, it looks awesome if done well and matched with the right look. Just have a look at Karishma Kapoor’s fishtail braid she has made with this beautiful outfit for a mehendi function? Is she looking beautiful?

  1. Side Twists

If you want an edgy look, side twists is the hairstyle for you. Just make 3-4 twists on one side and leave hair on the other side lhttps://www.instagram.com/p/BaN0UrznOdG/oose. If you want, you can also make braid with side twists.

side low bun
Side Twists
  1. Half-up Puff

Ladies with long lustrous hair can also try half-up puff. Get an ultra sassy and cool look this wedding season with this hairstyle. Just make puff of half of your hair and let the remaining locks fall elegantly on your shoulders. You can also get light curls to add an extra oomph.

half puff
Half-up Puff
  1. Low Side Bun

If you have to attend some Bengali wedding and looking for a perfect Bengali look with a big bindi and bordered saree, low side bun is the best hairstyle to complete your look for the day. This hairdo is like a crown for the queen.

bun with gajra
Low Side Bun
  1. Floral Braid

Flowers play a vital role in Indian weddings. With a few flowers and twisted braid, you can transform your look completely.

floral braid
Floral Braid