7 Things to Completely Avoid After Waxing

Waxing is not a choice but a compulsion for the ladies. Not just to look beautiful, feminine and graceful but tolerating the trauma of waxing is also essential for the personal hygiene. That’s why beauty experts advice to get waxed at least once a month. Redness, rashes and sore skin are some of the after effects of waxing which women go through even after getting waxed for years. Though the after effects of waxing vary from person to person based on their skin type, some things after waxing can make the experience worse for all. So here are top seven things you should completely avoid after getting waxed to get smooth and soft skin.


After waxing the skin is more prone to infections and bacteria. Taking a dip in public swimming pools can cause problems for your sensitive skin. So you should completely avoid swimming immediately after waxing.



Completely avoid scrubbing or exfoliation immediately after waxing. Skin is too soft after waxing and rubbing harsh scrubs can cause injury to the skin. However, you should exfoliate after two-three days of waxing to remove the dead skin or the roots that couldn’t be taken out during waxing.


Use of fragrant cosmetic products

Perfume, scent, colorant and other fragrances used in the cosmetic products like shower gel, body lotion and deodorants can cause irritation on the freshly waxed skin. So avoid using fragrant products after waxing.


Frictional forces over the skin

Frictional forces over the smooth and freshly waxed skin can cause rashes and redness. To protect such after effects, avoid sex, tight clothes and intense workout at least for next 2-3 days. You should wear lose and skin friendly clothes.



Make sure you bleach before the wax session as doing it immediately after waxing can cause skin burning. The skin after wax is ultrasensitive and the harsh chemicals in bleach can make waxing more traumatic and painful.


Hours of hot bath

You should not go for any beauty or hot bath at least for a week after the waxing session. If it is winter season take bath only with the lukewarm water and in summers shower under the running water. Dipping yourself in the bath tub for long hours can cause irritation and burning sensation on the skin.


Fake tan

If you are a huge lover of fake tan and use it more on your smooth and freshly waxed legs for hot look, stop doing it. You should completely avoid fake tan spray that is high on chemicals as it can cause skin irritation.


Waxing is undoubtedly a nightmare for most of the ladies but we make it more painful by practicing some wrong habits. By avoiding the things given here, you can feel the smooth and soft skin without any negative after effects. Show love for your skin by properly taking care of it and avoiding the products that can cause problems.