7 Simple Ways For Men to Look Great in Office

Men's Style

Nicole Williams, a career expert at LinkedIn says, “The problem with appearance is that is translates into performance. Even if your boss doesn’t think that they’re thinking any less of you, they will subconsciously think it. When you don’t fit in, you’re not as accepted and welcomed.”

Now you must have got an idea of the role your look plays in your success at the workplace. In contemporary workplaces, where you can largely see people in casual wear, rules of sharp office appearance are almost forgotten. Though casual wear is the most comfortable option, but to make a mark and leave lasting impression on the boss and colleagues, you should look great in office.

To help you get a cool office look, here are 7 tips.

Ensure perfect fitting: Yes, this is not just for women to wear outfits that fit them well; men should also pay attention to the fitting of their outfit. Both too big and too small clothes can make you look strange. Be it length of your trousers, fitting of the shirt or length of the tie, everything should look like made for you only.

Men's Style

Formal leather shoes: Your shoes speak loud about your personality. You might feel comfortable in your sneakers, but for work hours leather kicks are the only choice. A well-selected pair of leather shoes can enhance the beauty of your elegant business suit and can make you look great. Make sure the shoes you wear are comfortable as you need to wear them for around 9-10 hours.


Pay attention to accessories: Right selection of men’s accessories like office bag, wallet, watch and belt can dramatically spruce up your office look. Bid goodbye to old briefcase and replace it with some sleek and soft leather bag that is a right blend of style and functionality.


Chinos for a cool office look: Whether you want to dress casual or formal, chinos can work well for both the options. These are the latest hit among fashion conscious men. The only requirement when wearing chinos is to ensure right fit. Chinos look great only when these have slimmer fit and perfect length. The recommended colors are black, navy, khaki and beige.


Matching socks: How would you find a man wearing red colored socks with blue trousers? Won’t it be very strange and funny? Don’t let this happen to you and pay due attention to the color of your socks. As per the experts, the color of your socks should match the trousers. For instance, with navy colored trouser, you should wear navy colored sock. It will be great if these are over the calf as these will stay up.

Men in shoes

Smell great: I know this is not a rocket science or something new, but here we are not talking about just using deodorant. It is about smelling great that is possible only with careful selection of the fragrance. I have seen many men using so strong deodorant that standing by them even for 5 minutes get difficult. You should pick a fragrance that helps you get compliments. So make sure you smell phenomenal not like the perfume counter at a retail store.


Shave properly: Whether you like to live clean shave or grow beard, it should be well groomed to get a sharp look. Don’t make people in your office feel that you are coming direct from your bed. Use high-quality shaver to trim your beard or to shave for a smooth look.

Bearded men

Do you also have some tips to look great in office? We would love to hear from you. Share your tips and ideas through comments.