7 Expert Tips To Hide Dark Circles Like A Pro

7 Expert Tips To Hide Dark Circles Like A Pro

There is no doubt in the fact that we women love to see ourselves in mirror. We can spend hours in front of mirrors. But the moment we see those under eye bags and dark circles, we get scared even from our own reflection.

I have met many women who take perfect diet, drink enough water and sleep well, but still those dark circles don’t leave them alone. The only option in this situation is to learn tricks to hide them like a pro. Here are some expert makeup tips to cover those scary dark circles for a gorgeous look.

Understand the Reason

There are several ways to hide dark circles, but before opting for any way you should understand the reason behind the problem. If you don’t know the reason, you will always use the same method to cover up the problem with no solution.

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Dark Circles vs. Puffiness

If you have puffiness under your eyes, you need to treat it differently. For this, you need to play with different shadows to make skin tone look even. You can also use anti-inflammatory under eye creams to heal the problem. Further, you should use a darker shade of concealer to hide puffiness.

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ROY Formula

Wait! I am not asking you to follow actress Mouni Roy’s beauty formula. ROY here is the process of hiding different dark circles with varied lipstick shades.

Don’t be shocked! You can really hide dark circles with Red, Orange and Yellow shades.

  • If you have blackish and brownish dark circles, just apply red lipstick under the concealer and create an even coverage like an expert.
  • Orange lipstick shade when applied with concealer not just covers dark circles but other blemishes as well.
  • If you have mild dark circles and under eye bags, mix your concealer with yellow undertones and see the magic.


Choose Right Concealer

We all know concealer is used to hide skin spots, but these work well only when you pick a right shade. So first choose a right concealer as per your skin tone. Apply a few drops under your eyes and blend it well to get even skin tone.

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Apply Concealer After Foundation

Most of us use concealer before foundation. Even trained beauticians at parlors also follow the same process. But expert makeup artists say that we should apply concealer before foundation as it provides coverage and reduces amount of concealer you need to apply.


Right Application

No matter how expensive and high-quality beauty products you use; these are of no use until you apply them properly. From the amount of concealer and foundation you use to the way you blend them on your skin, everything has a huge impact on the final look. So choose makeup brush and strokes very carefully when applying concealer. Never apply concealer on extreme corners of eyes as it gets difficult to blend it there.

Cover Dark Circles

Cold Compression

I know you must be wondering what cold compression is doing in makeup tricks. But when you want instant relief for puffy eyes, cold compression works wonders. You just need two teaspoons and chilled water. Put spoon in water and then keep it under your eyes for 5 minutes. It will make you feel relaxed and fresh immediately.

cold compression

Do you have some more ideas to hide dark circles? Don’t forget to share your thoughts through comments below.