7 Bollywood Stars With Tattoos Inspired By Their Kids

If there is anything in life that’s more everlasting than a parent’s love for the child, it is a tattoo.

Celebrities and tattoos have strong relation. From names to symbols and replicas, these Bollywood stars choose every tattoo very carefully.

If we talk about the entertainment industry, here spouse come and go, but kids are forever. Realizing this thing, many stars decided to flaunt their child love through tattoos. Have a look at seven Bollywood celebrities who have ink inspired by their kids.

1. Ajay Devgan

We all are aware of the deep love between Kajol and Ajay Devgan, but when it came to the child love, the talented actor decided to flaunt it through a tattoo. You must have noticed the Lord Shiva tattoo on his chest, but one thing only a few people must have noticed is the text written with Lord Shiva’s tattoo. Actually, it is his daughter’s name Nysa.


2. Akshay Kumar

The fittest actor in the Bollywood industry is one of the stars who started the trend of getting kid’s name tattooed on the body.  He is a complete family man and shows his love for his family through tattoos. He got is first tattoo on his back for his son Aarav’s name around eight years back, which is followed with his daughters Nitara’sname on his shoulder and wife Twinkle’s name above his heart.


3. Mohit Suri

The trend of getting kids’ name inked is not just limited to the actors; Aashiqui 2 director also got his daughter Devi’s name tattooed on his arm. He wanted to keep his daughter’s memories with him during the shoot of his upcoming movie Half Girlfriend and to do this he got her name inked before leaving for the shoot.


4. Raveena Tondon

Though Raveena Tondon had already showed her tattoo love with her unique tattoo “Scorpio” above her breast. When it came to displaying the child love, she also decided to flaunt it through tattoos. She has got her kids’ kundli names ‘Vishaka’ and ‘Vardan’ tattooed on her left shoulder. The talented actress has again proved her style with the complete unique and decorative style of the tattoos.


5. Arjun Rampal

Choosing the most loved child among two is almost an impossible task. Arjun Rampal perfectly maintained the right balance and flaunted his love for his daughters by getting their names tattooed on both the forearms. On right hand he has got Mahikaa’s name where Myra’s name is inked on the left forearm.


6. Imran Khan

Like other proud parents of Bollywood, Imran Khan also fluanted his love for his daughter through a tattoo but in a “hatke” style. Instead of getting initials or the name, he got her footprints inked on his chest to cherish her daughter Imara’s childhood memories forever.

imran khan tatto

7. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is popular for her unique style in everything, even when it comes to love for the tattoo. She is a huge tattoo lover with seven tattoos, which she flaunts very proudly. One of these seven tattoos is dedicated to her daughters Renee and Alicia. She has got their names inked on her arms.