6 Makeup and Fashion Tricks To Look Slim Instantly

Are you fed up of trying so many tricks to lose weight? Do you hate counting calories every day to look slim and attractive? We understand this; every woman wants to look slim and beautiful.

Being a woman, I can understand how great it feels when someone compliments for great looks and perfect figure. Looking beautiful is easy with the help of right makeup, but what about a slimmer look? You can make it possible by wisely choosing your dress and makeup. Here are some fashion, styling and makeup hacks to help you get a slimmer look instantly.

Shape wear

You should use shape wear when wearing fitted skirts and dresses. Shape wear makes you look sexy and beautiful by tucking your tummy and thighs. Further, these also lift your breasts to give a smooth look to your designer skirt or body-hugging LBD. So, go ahead and invest in a high-quality shape wear for instant visual inches loss.


Clever wardrobe planning

If you crave for the perfect figures you see on TV, all you need is to play clever wardrobe tricks. Find out your problem areas, which you can easily do by understanding your figure type. For instance, if your top part is heavier, buy tops that draw attention from the problem area and make you look slimmer. Deep V-neck tops or gowns can be a perfect choice for such figures, which is termed as “Apple” shape figure in the fashion world.


Keep hair off your face

Choose a hairstyle that suits best on your face. You can tie your hair back in a ponytail to highlight your bone structure and draw eyes away from your heavy figure. You can try different hairstyles to find out the one that makes your face look thinner. For instance, long hair can be a right choice for girls with round face.


Makeup Tricks

By using the right type of foundation and makeup style, you can make your face look slim instantly. Eyebrows also play a vital role in making your face thick or thin. A defined arch in the middle and substantial eyebrow thickness can make your face look slimmer. Those with rounder cheeks and double chin should use darker blush on the sides to create the illusion of a slim face.


Monotone outfits

Women looking for clothes that make them look slim need to be very careful with the selection of colors and patterns. Undoubtedly, black is the most reliable color to get a slimmer look, but this doesn’t mean that you should fill your wardrobe with black outfits. You can also try navy blue and other dark hues; just make sure you keep them monotone to create an illusion of slim look.


This is a perfect fashion trick for plus-sized women to create an elongating effect for slimmer and taller look.

Pose perfect

Besides wearing right outfit and makeup, your poses also affect your appearance. When in front of the camera, you should pose properly. To create an illusion of a slimmer you turn sideways to the camera with one foot in front, pull your head a little downwards to hide double chin and gently suck your stomach in.


Don’t let bulges in your body spoil the beauty of your designer dress. Try these simple and clever fashion hacks for a slimmer look instantly.