50 Best Floral Mehendi Designs For Hands and Feet

Floral Mehendi Designs

Mehendi originated from ancient India and the charm of this art form is still intact even among the contemporary women. It is not just India where henna is considered good for auspicious occasions like weddings but also in countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Northern Libya.

Mehendi or henna is a tradition and applied with a lot of craze. Be it the wedding or any other good occasion, women don’t forget to apply henna on their hands. To make this look more beautiful, they look for attractive designs and get it applied by the experienced artists. After Arabic mehndi designs, women love flower designs the most.

After a lot of search, in this post, I have compiled the best floral mehendi designs for hands and feet both. The unique, modern and easy floral designs are perfect for any occasion. No matter you are the bride, bridesmaid or a wedding guest, the designs given in the blog are perfect for everyone. Every single henna design represents love, peace, beauty, and creativity, which is the reason why females love to decorate their hands with them.

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Some artists now experiment with different elements like stones and sparkle to make simple floral mehendi designs look more beautiful and eye-catchy. Here are some bling henna designs for those who find simple patterns to old fashioned and boring.

Henna Designs with Bling:

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Mehendi is something that women all across the world adore. They love to beautify their hands with the breathtaking color of henna. In India it has more significance on bride’s hands as it is considered symbol of love.