5 Surprising and Funny Things You Will See Only in Indian TV Soaps

Started with an objective to entertain the audience, Indian daily soaps have crossed all the limits. Now these are not just the TV characters we see every day. To stay in the minds of the viewers and break the records of highest number of episodes some serials like Sasural Simar Ka have crossed all the limits. Started with an objective to convey a social message, these serials gradually convert into funny dramas with unimagined storylines,surprising characters and a lot of masala. Generation leaps, sudden deaths, ghosts, reincarnation and plastic surgeries, there are hundreds of thinks which you can never imagine in real life.


Never Ageing Character

This is one of the powers every woman secretly wishes to have. Do you remember Baa in the presently running serial Sathiya? The serial has taken so many leaps, but baa looks same. Though the makers have tried to match her age with the leaps with ear machines and wheelchair, I some episodes they forget that and show her enjoying the moments with the same enthusiasm like the younger characters.



Frequent visits to jail

Going to jail seems to be very normal thing in some serials like Ye Hai Mohabbatien (YHM) and Sathiya. Almost every family member has gone behind the bar at least once. Further, when a person is in the jail, other family member can be seen visiting them as if they are hanging out in the garden where you can visit anytime. What if you have to go to jail? Hey, don’t you even dare to think like this, it can spoil the whole life of common man. But only a common man, not the characters in the serials.


Multiple marriages

Be it Balika Vadhu, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi or Kumkum Bhagya, the protagonist of the serial can be seen taking nuptial vows multiple times. At one point these serials claim to represent Indian culture and on the other hand these show things which don’t relate to the culture. In which part of the country you will find divorce and remarriages so common and casual? You just miss the serial for a week and there are high chances that you will see the characters with new husbands or wives. Now see Raman Bhalla of YHM, he has married thrice to three different girls.


multiple marriage

Dead man alive

Ah, this is the most common thing you will see in every Ekta Kapoor serial; be it Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Ye Hai Mohabbatein , or Kumkum Bhagya. Not just Ekta Kapoor serials, some other makers also tried the same strategy for better TRPs like Utaran on Colors channel. The characters died in the serial and could be seen walking back after a few episodes. “TRP Ke liye kuch bhi karega kya (Will you do anything for TRP)?”


Please God; I also want the same powers.

Makeup 24×7

Looking beautiful is the most important requirement for the television Bahus. Whether it is day, night, rain, winter, summer, good day or a bad day, you will see them fully decked up in the makeup, heavy jewelry and designer sarees. They never have some good or bad hair day or other makeup problems. Remember Jodha from Jodha Akbar, she used to sleep not only in heavy makeup but also in heavy jewelry and lehenga.


No matter how stupid or baseless these serials are, Indian audience is going to watch them with the same interest. Some serials begin with such interesting plots and forget the theme completely after a few years and the best example of this is ‘Sasural Simar Ka’. Have you seen the Makhi track?

If not, go and watch a few episodes for good laugh.