5 Pairs of Shoes Every Man Must Own

Footwear plays a vital role in completing the look. Both men and women need the best footwear to make heads turn. You cannot make is possible by just owning one or two pairs of shoes and teaming them up with every outfit. If you have right footwear collection, you can look good at anytime and anywhere. Women always have the best pairs of footwear in their collection, but when it comes to men they hardly bother about the right shoes for different dresses. To help you, here are some of the options, which every man’s footwear collection should have.

Oxford shoes for formal occasions: Whether you have to go for a job interview or have a performance at a formal occasion, the right pair of shoes makes a strong impact on your personality. The Oxford shoes with trademark laced-up front and low heels are the best option to complete the formal look. These premium leather shoes are part of every grown man’s footwear collection due to their beauty, elegance, and style. Just make sure you polish them regularly to keep its shine intact.

oxford shoes

Desert boots for versatility: If you feel bored of wearing the same sneakers or formal shoes, desert boots are a must-have for your collection. These are the best option for the men, who like versatility even when it comes to their shoes. These look perfect with everything from jeans to chinos, sports coats and suits for the casual look. These can also work as formal boots for men.

desert boots

Classic sneakers for hot social events: These sneakers are the best options for the days when you want to stand out from the crowd and want to grab all the attention. Whether you are going on the first date or to any other hot social event, the classic sneakers give you ample choices of styling yourself. As there are different choices of classic sneakers for varied age groups, pick a pair carefully to get the best look.


Loafers to arrive in style: There is a huge variety of loafers for every occasion. You can find loafers for business suits and for driving in different designs. Formal loafers for men are perfect for the ones who love to arrive at every place in style; even in the meetings. And if you drive a lot, buy lightweight driving loafers with a thin sole design. Pair your driving loafers with shirt and pants or chinos, jeans, even suit pants to get a dapper look. Make girls go crazy by either rolling up the pant cuffs or going a no socks look to show off your ankles.


Slip-on tennis shoes for lounging around: This is a must-have option for the casual shoes collection. You can easily find different colors and patterns to suit your personality and create a style statement. These are the best options for the days when you want to carefully but also don’t want to go out in the flip-flops. These allow your feet to breathe and feel comfortable throughout the day.

tennis shoes

So how many of these shoes do you have in your collection? Browse the stylish leather shoes and slipper collection online to complete your footwear collection if you miss any of the shoes from the above-mentioned list.

Do you have some more options of shoes men should own? Don’t forget to share your tips in the comment section below.