5 Natural Ways to Get Soft Lips in Winters

Soft and pink lips are what every girl craves for. But only a few are lucky enough to get perfect lips. With chapped, dry and pigmented lips in winters, getting healthy lips seems like a dream. Skin of our lips is too thin and has no hairy coverage to protect it from the cold weather. So, even the slightly cool weather can harm our lips.

If you have dry and flaky lips in winters, let us make these winters special with some natural lip care ideas. Here are 5 natural ways to treat chapped lips and get soft pink lips.

  1. Homemade Honey Lip Scrub

Honey is a natural and the best skin care product available in almost every Indian kitchen. It locks moisture in the skin and makes skin soft. To make a lip scrub with honey, combine it with sugar and almond oil, and rub the mixture on your lips gently. Exfoliation will moisturize your skin and slough off the dead skin.

If you are a honey lover, there is no harm in eating some scrub as it has no chemicals. (Wink wink)


  1. Take Right Diet and Water

In winters, the quantity of water we take goes down which causes dehydration in the body. If you body doesn’t get enough water, the skin dries out even in summer season. Make sure you take a lot of water and fluid rich diet to hydrate your skin and keep it healthy. Vitamins, milk products and fruits are essential items in your diet to repair the damaged skin.

Middle Aged Woman Eating Fresh Fruit Salad

  1. Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a great source of treating chapped lips. If chapped and bleeding lips in winters is a recurring problem for you, keep Vaseline with you and apply it on short intervals to keep your lips hydrated.


  1. Quit Unhealthy Habits

Smoking and drinking might give you momentary satisfaction, but these habits have all the negative effects on your body. Smoking not just makes you lips chapped and dry but also makes to dark, which I guess no girl wants.


Some people also have habit of wetting their lips with tongue, which causes more problems. Leave all the bad habits that damage your lips and keep them moisturized to get beautiful and soft lips.

  1. Chocolate Treatment

Dry lips come with other problems and one of them is darkening of lips. Chocolate and cocoa butter treatment helps you keep your lips healthy and beautiful. Melanin production from the chocolate prevents darkening of lips. All you need is to melt chocolate chips in the cocoa butter, add vitamin E to the balm and use it on dry lips to get soft and pink lips.


At last, I would just suggest that taking preventive steps is better than treating soft lips with different products. So it is better to take care of your lips and keep them moisturized in winters.