5 Home Remedies to Make Rough Hands Soft and Beautiful

One of the things I hate to do at home is to do the dishes because the harsh and strong chemicals in the dishwashing bar make my hands so dry and rough. And this is not just me; every woman who needs to do the household chores and comes in contact with detergents, chemicals, dirt etc. feels the same. Due to these things, our hands start to look dull and ugly.

As we all know there is no way to escape from the household chores, we can just look for the ways to protect our hands from these chemicals and make these look beautiful and soft. After experimenting with a number of products available in my kitchen, and trying so many home remedies, I have made a list of five best options for smooth and beautiful hands. Read further to check the home remedies to make your ugly and rough hands look beautiful, soft and supple.

Warm water

soak hands in warm water

Who doesn’t love soaking hands in warm water in this chilling season? Soaking hands in warm water is not just limited to making you feel better but it has some other benefits as well. Add a few drops of rose or lavender essential oil in the water and soak your hands in the water for ten minutes. After taking out your hands from the water, you can see the magical change and feel the softness of your hands.

Honey Moisturizing Pack

hone pack

What You Need

  • Honey – 2 spoons
  • Gram flour – 1 table spoon
  • Papaya pulp – 2 tablespoon
  • Full-fat milk – 2 teaspoons

Mix all these ingredients in a bowl to make a smooth paste and apply it on your hands. Wait until it dries and wash off the pack with normal water. Apply a good-quality moisturizer on your hands. Repeat the same process every day to get smooth and soft hands naturally.

Glycerin and Rose Water

glycerin and rose water

Winters are like enemies for the ladies already having rough and dry hands. The season further worsens the situation and makes hands look ugly. Glycerin and rose water pack in winters provide moisture, nourishment and natural glow to the hands. Glycerin heals the dryness and cracks in the skin. Apply the pack before going to bed and rub it properly to prevent it from sticking on your pillows. Don’t wash it as it shows best results when left overnight.

Yogurt Water or Buttermilk


What do you do with the layer of water you get on the curd made at home? Most of us throw it away because it is of no use. Right, no, it is really very beneficial for our hands. Soak your hands in the yogurt water or buttermilk for a few minutes to see the magical change in your hands. If you don’t like the smell of buttermilk, you can add a few drops of rose water for soothing fragrance on your hands.

Fruit Mask

No matter how careful we are with the packing and storage of fruits, we always end up with some wasted and overly ripe fruits. If the same thing happens next time, don’t throw away the fruits. Just make a pack by mixing all the fruits together and massage your hands with the pack. Keep it on your hands for around 20 minutes and wash it with the normal water. Vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrition of the fruits make your hands soft, beautiful, glowing and well nourished.

fruit mask

Besides using these home remedies, you should also be careful with the quality of hand wash you use at your home. Get a moisturizing hand wash that doesn’t take away the moisture from your hands. Also, make sure you wear gloves while dusting or using other chemicals at home.

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