11 Tips to Look Like a Diva in Salwar Kameez

Tips to Look Like a Diva in Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez might look like an easy outfit that can be worn at any occasion and at any place. But you will be surprised to know that carrying a perfect salwar suit look isn’t as easy as it seems. From the right fitting of the kurta to the fabric of the salwar, duppatta and patterns according to the figure, there are so many things that you need to consider to get it right to get tons of compliments.

The best thing abou the outfit is that it never goes out of trend. Just pay attention to a few things and you are ready to look like a stylish diva in salwar kameez.

  1. Choose the Right Fabric for Salwar


If you have a bulky figure, stay away from fabrics like brocade, linen and cotton as these can make you look heavier. Light and flowy fabrics like chiffon, crepe and georgette make a good chocie for easy movement and perfect figure.

  1. Watch out the length

kurta length

The length of the kurta decides the whole look of the wearer. If you are opting for typical salwars like Patiala, Afghani or normal sawlar, keep the length of your kurta up to knee length. A kurta longer than knee length will not only hide the beauty of your salwar but will also make you look strange.

  1. Accessorize well


I have seen women who wear all the jhumkas, bangles, big bindis and heavy necklaces with salwar suit. No doubt the jewelry looks nice and completes the look, but there should always be a balance. When wearing a heavy suit with a lot of embroidery, keep your accessories to the minimum. Don’t spoil the beauty of heavy neck work on the suit with the necklace.

  1. Length of Sleeves

Long sleeves are the latest trend for salwar kameez, but you should not follow the trend blindly. You must pay attention to your appearance and body to get the right sleeves. For instance, sleeveless kurta might not be a good option for girls with bulky or too slim arms.

  1. Get the Lining Right

If you buy a kurta that needs to be stitched with a lining, get it done correctly. A Kurta with lining peeking out spoils the whole beauty. To ensure that the slip doesn’t make its presence visible to everyone, get it stitched with the kameez.

  1. Choose the Color Wisely

Color of your salwar suit has a lot of impact on your overall appearance. If you want to look slimmer and smart in salwar kameez, opt for some dark colors like maroon, blue and green. If you have slim figure, you can go for pastel shades like peach, aqua or soft green.

  1. Get the Right Style

Gone are the days when salwar kameez had limited options. Designers now offer a number of styles in salwar suit as well like A shaped suits, Chinese suits, asymmetrical and lot more. Based on your body, height and trend, choose the right style of kurta

  1. Right footwear


When wearing salwar kameez, you need to maintain a continuous flow to get the perfect look, which also includes the dupatta, accessories and FOOTWEAR. Choose your footwear according to the length of your salwar. For instance, wearing heels with an ankle length salwar is a really bad idea.

  1. Get the Right Fitting


Tops and t-shirts might look good even when these don’t fit you well, but these doesn’t apply on Kurta. When wearing salwar kameez, you need to be very careful about the fitting. Nothing can beat the beauty of a well-fitted kurta with a Patiala sawlar. At the same time an ill fitted kurta can create the havoc for your appearance by making you look bad.

  1. Too Much Color Coordination

No doubt color coordination is essential to get the perfect look, but too much color coordination is surely a bad idea. Pick colors wisely to look balanced and beautiful.

  1. Pin it Up

pin it up

No matter how fitted your kurta is, you can never be sure about the bra straps which might feel like saying Hi to your friends. Slipping shoulders is a common problem with the slim girls. The best way to keep bra straps at their place is to either pin them up or get a loop stitched in the kurta.