11 Bollywood Actresses Who Looked Unrecognizable After Plastic Surgery

Making career in Bollywood is not a piece of cake. There is extreme pressure on the stars to constantly look glamorous. As it is not possible to stay same throughout the life, Bollywood celebrities seek solace in cosmetic procedures to resolve their beauty woes. From getting ‘Botox’ to enhance their pout to ‘plastic surgery‘ to change their appearance, they experiment with every possible beauty enhancement option.

Nowadays plastic surgery seems to become a trend and every second celebrity experiments with the procedure to look glamorous. However, only a few get success after these cosmetic surgeries and many other end-up looking horrible. Here are 15 actresses from Bollywood, who became victim of plastic surgery disaster and looked shocking after going under the knife.

  1. Aayesha Takia

The latest name in the list of plastic surgery disasters in Bollywood is Aayesha Takia. Recently she was seen at a Bollywood party with her husband. The ‘Dor’ actress looked completely unrecognizable with enhanced lips, different nose and cheekbones.

aayesha takia
Ayesha Takia
  1. Rakhi Sawant

She is the actress who can go to any heights to be in the limelight. Not just once, she has gone under knife for multiple times. From liposuction to breast implants, nose job, eyelid enhancement and jaw line, she has experimented with everything. But what’s the use of it?

rakhi sawant
Rakhi Sawant
  1. Koena Mitra

She is one of the worst hit victims of cosmetic surgeries. Everyone is aware of her disastrous nose surgery that took away her Bollywood career. The surgery made her face so disfigured that it almost got impossible for her to smile.

koena mitra
Koena Mitra
  1. Minisha Lamba

The cute and charming actress also became the part of rat race and ended up ruining her looks. She looked far better before the surgery.

minissha lamba
Minissha Lamba
  1. Sofia Hayat

Ex-Bigg Boss contestant and now a self-claimed ‘nun’ also experimented with her lips and ended up getting a horrible look. She also got breast enhancement and cheekbones enhancement surgery.

sofia hayat
Sofia Hayat
  1. Juhi Chawla

Many of you might not know about it, but Juhi Chawla is also a victim of bad nose job. Becoming part of the race, she also tried hands on Botox but again got failed with bad results.

juhi chawla
Juhi Chawla
  1. Kangana Ranaut

There is no doubt about the talent of this outspoken actress, but she was not happy with her features. Not one or two, she underwent a series of plastic surgeries to look like a complete Bollywood material. From lip correction to nose job and breast enhancement, she tried everything, which many of her fans didn’t like.

kangana ranaut
Kangana Ranaut
  1. Anushkha Sharma

After appearing on ‘Coffee with Karan’, Anushka Sharma became a laughing stock. The social media sites get bombarded with funny memes of her duck lips. Initially she rubbished all the claims about her lip job but when it became clearly visible she said it was demand of one of her characters in a movie.

anushka sharma
Anushka Sharma
  1. Shazahn Padamsee

It seems that everyone in Bollywood going for plastic surgeries just to be part of the race. If not true, what encouraged Shazahn Padamsee to spoil her beautiful smile with a disastrous lip surgery?

Shazahn Padamsee
Shazahn Padamsee
  1. Shama Sikandar

Actress who played to role of Pooja in popular TV show ‘Ye Meri Life Hai’ looks completely unrecognizable today. She has completely transformed herself from a simple girl to a fashion bomb. But what’s the use of such a surgery when your fans can’t even recognize you?

shama sikandar
Shama Sikandar
  1. Sridevi

Although the surgeries have made her look evergreen, but the charisma of her smile and natural look seemed to have lost somewhere. Her charming looks in the movies like ‘Chandni’ and ‘Chaalbaz’ continues to be a hit among her fans.