10 Morning Beauty Habits for Girls to Look Naturally Gorgeous

10 Morning Beauty Habits for Girls to Look Naturally Gorgeous

How do we look when we get up in the morning? Isn’t it too messy and bad most of the times? Do you also wish to look drop dead gorgeous when you open your eyes in the morning?

Don’t worry! You can make this happen in real. Just a few changes and additions in your beauty schedule and you can make your dream come true. Without wasting your time, let’s directly move on to some simple yet effective beauty habits for you to look drop dead gorgeous in the morning.



Stretching is the best way to start your day. Make sure you stretch all your body parts including legs, hands and facial muscles while lying down. Stretching ensures right blood circulation, elasticity of skin, improvement in mood and better productivity. Apart from your legs and hands, also lift your eyebrows, open and close your mouth and blink your eyes.

Drink Water


We all know about the benefits of drinking water in weight loss and getting glowing skin. Taking lukewarm water early in the morning works wonders for your skin. Actually, our skin loses moisture when we are sleeping and the face looks dehydrated when we get up in the morning. Taking a glass of water empty stomach in the morning not just improves the texture of skin but also makes it look smooth, soft and fresh.

Eat Healthy Breakfast


Most of the girls skip breakfast on the pretext of dieting forgetting that it is the most important meal of the day. You should never skip breakfast. Yes, you can skip oily and spicy food like paratha and pickle and can replace it with healthy breakfast like oats, apples, eggs, fat free yogurt etc. These food items are rich in Vitamin and proteins and keep your skin healthy and naturally beautiful.

Invest in Citrus Perfume

citrus perfume

Now you must be thinking, what’s the role of scent in making you look beautiful. Sure it makes you smell good and help you grab attention of people, but citrus based perfume also make you feel energetic to start your day at a high note. It boosts your immunity and relieves stress; and we all know stress free mind helps us get happy skin.

Pamper Your Skin with Green Tea

green tea

Give your coffee rest for some time and switch it with green tea. Some healthier choices like protein and vitamin rich breakfast and green tea together give you magical results. Flavonoids flush out toxins from the body and make you look young by speeding up metabolism. Green tea is a simple and effective technique to get perfect skin for a natural glow.

Use Sunscreen


Make sure you don’t step out from your house without applying a layer of sunscreen. Apply a layer before the makeup and repeat it whenever you feel the need of it. No matter what the weather is, harmful rays of sun are always there to damage your skin. This also helps you prevent ageing. Use some high-quality sunscreen to apply on face, legs, hands and other delicate areas which are at high risk of damage from direct exposure to sun.

Look for Some Good Essential Oil


If given a choice, what will you pick from a cream, moisturizer and essential oil? The right choice is oil as these are free from the chemicals used in creams and moisturizers. You can use coconut, jojoba, olive or vitamin E oil to nourish your skin. Apply a few drops of oil both in the morning as well as at night to get dewy skin.

Buy Facial Mist

face mist

Puffiness is a common problem we all face after waking up in the morning. Facial mist is a magical product to get rid of this puffiness. Keep some high-quality facial mist in the fridge and spray it on your face after waking up. It not just reduces puffiness but also makes your skin look fresh.



Gymming is very common nowadays. Due to job, most of the girls go to gym in the evening. But to get the maximum benefits of sweating out through exercise, you should wake up early in the morning and drill. Make some small changes in your daily routine and try to exercise in the morning to get maximum health benefits. Apart from making your healthy, running, skipping, squats, planks etc. in the morning also lift your mood and keep you energized throughout the day.

Use Aloe Vera Juice

aloe vera juice

This is a life saver for skin. Aloe Vera juice is a suitable alternative for the girls who are not a fan of green tea. It restores skin from dryness and gives it a healthy glow with presence of vitamin E, B and C in it.

Are you ready to impress everyone with your natural beauty? Just follow these simple morning beauty habits and look stunning throughout the day without layers of makeup.