10 Holi Specific Tips to Protect Your Hair & Skin From Colors

As the month of love February gets over, in March, people get excited about the festival of colors – Holi. This is a beautiful and amazing festival where we bath in different colors. However, some people stay away from colors due to allergies or other reasons. Needless to say, there is no escaping it.

Sometimes Holi colors cause problems like irritation, rashes, and itching on the skin. But this doesn’t mean you should lock yourself in a room to avoid the festival of dance, masti, and Bhang. There are some useful and amazing tips using which you can protect your skin and hair from the damage caused by the colors.

Here are top 10 tips to enjoy Holi to the fullest without letting your hair and skin get affected from the chemicals and colors in the air.

  1. Dress right for the occasion

To enjoy the festival, it is important to pick the right dress. Opt for a full sleeved cotton kurta to completely cover your body. It will protect your body from direct harm of colors.


  1. Apply oil

There is no way to escape colors and water. Before rushing out to celebrate the occasion, apply oil on your hair, face and body. You can use mustard, coconut or castor oil to not let the color settle down on your skin.

apply oil

  1. Apply nail paint

If you don’t want people to see ugly pink-stained nails in the office, apply a coat of nail paint before heading out for the colorful affair. Put Vaseline under the nail edges to prevent your cuticles from soaking colors.

nail paint

  1. Apply waterproof makeup

I know you must be thinking, what’s the use of wasting time on makeup when it has to be spoilt by the colors? Actually, the layer of waterproof makeup won’t let the colors settle deep on your skin. This way you will be able to take off the colors easily.

apply makeup

  1. Cover your head

Try to cover your head with a cap, turban or bandana before moving out to play Holi. It will protect your scalp from the harsh chemicals in colors. This will also enhance your look for the day.


  1. Stay hydrated

Drinking a lot of water before playing Holi not just keeps you hydrated but also makes you feel refreshed. Further, water consumption prevents your skin from getting dry and minimizes the impact of harsh chemicals in the colors, which settle deep in the breaks on dry skin.

  1. Don’t sit in the hot sun

This is a common practice of sitting in the hot sun after playing Holi. But by doing this, you make it more difficult to wash off the colors.

sitting in the sun

  1. Use gram flour to remove stains

Wash the color with warm water and soap. Don’t use pumice or scrub to remove color stains; instead, use a homemade pack made from gram flour (Besan) and curd to scrub stains.

gram flour for color removing

  1. Moisturize body after taking bath

Don’t forget to apply a thick layer of a good-quality moisturizer after washing off colors. As we use a lot of soap and scrubbing to remove colors, chances of our skin getting dry are high. Moisturizer protects the skin from after effects of colors.


  1. Condition your hair well

Colors wreck havoc on hair scalp making it rough. After taking off the color, make sure your condition your hair well with either homemade hair pack or with some high-quality conditioner. You can also use olive oil, curd, egg yolk and fenugreek seeds paste to protect your hair from the after effects of colors.

hair conditioning

Are you ready to enjoy Holi with full festive spirit?