10 Effective Tricks to Get Rid of Pimples Quickly

10 Effective Tricks to Get Rid of Pimples Quickly

Pimples are one of the most annoying skin curses, which every one of us hates. The ugly red spots on the face spoil the complete look. And the bitter reality is that you cannot get rid of them overnight by applying some magical concoction. There might be hundreds of treatments, home remedies and expensive medication to get rid of them, but nothing can help you until you work on the root of the problem. There is no use of wasting time on treating the symptoms without paying attention to the cause of the problem.

So before moving on to the tricks to get rid of pimples, let’s first have a look at the reasons that cause the problem.

Clogged pores: Acne or pimples occur when the pores on your skin get clogged due to dirt. The dirt in the clogged pores infect the skin and causes pimples.

The build-up of bacteria: Another cause of pimples is a build-up of bad bacteria and candida on your digestive tract. To get rid of pimples, you need to cure this problem.

Androgens hormones: Increased androgens in boys and girls during puberty make the skin’s oil glands larger, which increases the creation of sebum. This causes a pimple.

Genetics: If your parents had acne or pimple problems, chances of you getting it inherited from your parents are high.

Tips to Get Rid of Pimples Quickly:

  1. Cinnamon and Honey

Mix 5-6 pinches of cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of honey to make a face mask. Apply a thin layer of the mask on your face and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. Wash off the mask with lukewarm water when your skin starts to feel stretchy.

cinnamon and honey

  1. Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera benefits your skin in multiple ways. It not just cools down the skin but also reduces the inflammation and redness of a pimple, making you feel great. Aloe Vera gel also removes extra oil from your skin making it look great.


  1. Lemon

Astringent properties in lemon attack the major cause of a pimple – oiliness. Lemon juice dries a pimple and shrinks the blemish. All you need is just to apply a bit of lemon juice on the pimple and leave it overnight to work on the affected area. In the morning, wash your face with normal water.


  1. Eat healthy

While looking for medicinal and cosmetic treatments for a pimple, we ignore our diet. Though it might be difficult for many to change their diet, but once you get used to it, your skin will also start showing improvements. Eat healthy and nutrition rich food, and avoid processed and fast foods.

healthy food

  1. Honey

Honey is one of the best skin care products that can be found in almost every Indian kitchen. Natural antibiotic properties of honey help in healing pimples. It removes impurities from the skin making it look refreshing.

cinnamon and honey

  1. Green Tea

You can either drink it or can apply it on your face. However, drinking green tea is more beneficial as it flushes outs the toxins and makes your skin clear from inside. You can also apply it directly on the pimple to reduce inflammation.


  1. Control your Check on Sugar Intake

It is not just pimples but sugar can create many other health issues. You can improve acne symptoms by simply reducing intake of sugar in your meals. If you are a sweet tooth, you can satiate your cravings by taking fruit infused water. Though it is difficult to completely avoid sugar, you can look for healthy alternates like eating fruits instead of sugar-rich desserts.

eat less sugar

  1. Sleep Well

Sleep is an inevitable requirement of our life. Our body cannot function well if it doesn’t get rest every day. From our hormones to metabolism, stress and even pimples are related to sleep. To get beautiful, glowing and pimple free skin, sleep for at least 8 hours every day.

beauty sleep

  1. Garlic

This is a perfect option to fight pimples. High levels of antioxidants in garlic clear up acne problem. You can add more garlic to your diet as a preventative measure against acne. If you want immediate results on pimples, rub peeled and crushed garlic on the affected area multiple times a day.


  1. Stay Away from Chemicals

Women don’t step out without makeup, but most of the products you apply on your skin have heavy chemicals. These chemicals not just damage the skin but also cause pimples by clogging the pores. To protect your skin from these chemicals, use natural skin care products.

stay away from chemicals

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