10 Cushy Disclosures Kangana Ranaut Made About Hritik Roshan in Recent Interview

Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut worked together in just two movies Kites and Krrish 3. After their pairing in Krrish 3, there was news of their alleged relationship. From the day their love story has come into the limelight, it has been getting uglier and murkier day by day. From blaming each other in front of media to sending court notices and mudslinging, the actors have done almost everything to show each other down. The whole drama started due to Kangana Ranaut’s blunt nature. She called Hrithik her ‘silly ex’ in an interview. The actress is said to have dated Hrithik, fought with him and again dated him.

hrithik kangana

Everyone is aware of Kangana’s outspoken nature. The lady never scares of speaking her mind and she did again during an interview for her upcoming movie ‘Simran’. The national award winner actress, Kangana made various badass revelations about her so-called boyfriend Hrithik Roshan. Here we bring you 10 sensational and shocking revelations Kangana made about Hrithik Roshan.


  1. “I truly loved him a lot. The poetry which I wrote exclusively for him, he used them to tarnish my image. It is just like a second death to go through when someone does that to you.”
  2. “I have faced so much humiliation. I cried for nights. I was unable to sleep. Emails on my name were released and people still Google them and gossip.” I want apology from him for this insolence.”
  3. “Look at what happened to the Malayalam actress because she went and complained to the actor’s wife. They got her raped. Of course that was much after my case, but I was scared. So many things happen to women. The media would call me or my sister and say, ‘You are not safe… You guys should move to a safe place or go in hiding’.”
  4. “I’m still waiting to meet him face-to-face and exchange two words on this and sort this out, but he’s been running and hiding from me. He (Hrithik Roshan) and his father (Rakesh Roshan) have made fools of themselves, they should apologize to me in public. Even if they don’t, I will clarify to the world what happened to the case. The case has not died down. They couldn’t prove anything.”
  5. “But I’m going to make sure that these things are out there and exposed so that the girls are not taken for a ride. If you care so much about your family life, children, and image, why don’t you stop having affairs?”
  6. “He has prepped for two years to have me jailed for having an affair with me.”
  7. “I am here to make people understand what happened. It is not because my film is coming. I will reply every time people will ask me about the unfortunate incidents of my life.”
  8. “He runs away when he sees me. In fact, when we broke up in 2014 and after that one year when he was harassing me and stalking me, I complained to his father. I told him that his son is harassing me, stalking me, has hacked my account and he’s not letting me get into any other relationship. So his father said I’m going to arrange a meeting for you. Since then, I’m hoping to get a meeting with him to have a two-word conversation with him and ask him that he’s telling the world he doesn’t know me.”
  9. “He (Hrithik Roshan) and his father claimed they would expose me and shock the world, but they couldn’t prove anything. He (Hrithik) slapped a notice saying, ‘She caused great harm to my reputation because she called me a ‘silly ex.’ I am the silly ex.’ But, he couldn’t prove it. So, he changed his stance and said, ‘She’s right, she had an affair, but that wasn’t me, it was an imposter.’ But, he couldn’t prove that also.”
  10. “For me it’s important that he (Hrithik) claimed many things, but couldn’t prove anything. You can’t go about slapping notices on people. He had been preparing all this for two years. He used to send himself emails from my account because he had my password. I stayed quiet till now because I needed time to understand what all they (the Roshans) were doing. Of course, it was all lies but I didn’t know what they would do next. I was scared.”


A sweet love story is getting uglier day by day. Hope this issue gets resolved soon and both move on in their respective lives.