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7 Simple Ways For Men to Look Great in Office

Nicole Williams, a career expert at LinkedIn says, "The problem with appearance is that is translates into performance. Even if your boss doesn't think...
dark circles

9 Shocking Reasons Behind Dark Circles That Make You Look Old

Eyes are the most beautiful part of the face. When applying makeup the maximum attention is on eyes. Girls use different makeup products like...
orange purse

Lift Your Mood With a Pop Of Color to Your Outfit

I love experimenting with different colors, which also includes some vibrant and neon shades. But I know there are many who feel hesitant in...

Humidity Proof Eyeliners to Get Iconic Eyes in Monsoon

Makeup is an essential part of almost every female's daily routine. Whether going to college or office, a stroke of eyeliner, kohl, lip balm...
oil massage

#HairCareTips – 7 Ways to Control Hair Fall and Get Healthy Locks in Monsoon

Dandruff, hair fall, oily scalp….. Don’t these words scare you when talking about your hair? These are some of the common problems in monsoon due...
face clean up

Easy Skin Care Tips to Tackle Monsoon Beautifully

Finally, monsoon has hit with heavy rains in states like Mumbai and drizzling in Delhi. The change in the weather has given relief from...

Create Magical Impact With Negative Space Eyeliner

Are you bored of applying eyeliner in the same classic style? Do you love to experiment with your look and want some unique style...
stay stylish in monsoon

Don’t Let Monsoon Stop you from Looking Stylish in Office

Monsoon season brings more problems for the working women. A fear of wearing long trousers, white shirts and skirts leave them with limited choices...