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10 Winter Wardrobe Essential Every Woman Should Have

The chilly air around us is badly demanding new wardrobe. Protection for chilly air in the winter season doesn't mean saying goodbye to style...

Dos and Don’ts of Night Skin Care Regime

  Are you fed up of seeing dull and darker skin every time you look in the mirror? Isn't your skin showing any signs of...

Helpful Tips To Choose The Best Moisturizer For Oily Skin

Moisturizing makes an integral part of skin care regime. But there is a common myth among women that oily skin doesn't need moisturizer as...
Fresh Papaya

5 Best Products to Minimize Open Pores Naturally

Pores are undoubtedly important for all of us to sweat and eliminate excess oils. But sometimes these pores become more problematic than helpful. For...
celebrity loop

How to Make Every Dress Look Better with Just one Detail?

Are you bored of wearing your plain t-shirt in the same way? Do you want to add some ‘spice’ to your otherwise simple look? Actually...

Humidity Proof Eyeliners to Get Iconic Eyes in Monsoon

Makeup is an essential part of almost every female's daily routine. Whether going to college or office, a stroke of eyeliner, kohl, lip balm...

Say No To These Seven Things For Beautiful Face

Our face is the most important part of the body. Skin on your face is very sensitive and a minor mistake in selection of...
dark circles

9 Shocking Reasons Behind Dark Circles That Make You Look Old

Eyes are the most beautiful part of the face. When applying makeup the maximum attention is on eyes. Girls use different makeup products like...
stay stylish in monsoon

Don’t Let Monsoon Stop you from Looking Stylish in Office

Monsoon season brings more problems for the working women. A fear of wearing long trousers, white shirts and skirts leave them with limited choices...

Natural Skin Care Tips for Glowing Skin in Monsoon

Monsoon might be a great season for the romantic couples, but when it comes to health, skin and hair risks, these are way more...