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glossy lids

How to Nail the Glossy Lids Look in 3 Simple Steps?

You must have seen it on runways or on the magazine covers. Glossy lids are the chicest eye makeup trend that only a few...
navratri special food - Herbs and spices

What to Eat During Navratri Fast to Stay Healthy and Look Beautiful

Time of the year when Goddess Durga and her nine avataars are worshiped is approaching soon. Yes, you got it right; we are talking...

6 Makeup and Fashion Tricks To Look Slim Instantly

Are you fed up of trying so many tricks to lose weight? Do you hate counting calories every day to look slim and attractive?...
Gaurav Mukesh

Congrats Gaurav Mukesh For Blue Tick on Facebook and Instagram

Social media in today’s time has become the best platform for people to come together. Not just friends and families, it has also given...
charcoal for oily skin

7 Ways Activated Charcoal Can Make You Look Beautiful in No Time

Charcoal for beauty and hair; doesn’t it sound crazy? I also had the same thought when I first heard about the use of activated...
Parineeti Chopra

SummerTrend – Chic Ways To Pull Off The Cold Shoulder Style

Summer trend is what all the women at present are checking on the internet. Everyone hates scorching sun, tanning and sweating in summers, but...
Acne Medication

7 Best Ways to Transition Your Skincare From Fall To Winter

Winter is soon to arrive and with this it is time to update your look. Once people hear this, they think of transitioning their...

Brides Special: Expert Tips for Nail Extension and Their Maintenance

On the wedding day, it is not just the face and the outfits that draw the attention of the guests but your hands also...
Sneak it like Kangana

Ditch those heels. Wear sneakers with a linen saree. Because why would you not?

Are you still trying to find a common ground between high heels and the six yards of a saree? Do you still secretly pray...

Create Magical Impact With Negative Space Eyeliner

Are you bored of applying eyeliner in the same classic style? Do you love to experiment with your look and want some unique style...