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Get Smooth Skin with These 7 Homemade Honey Packs

Don't we all want to get that smooth, neat and flawless skin that not just makes us look beautiful but also boosts our confidence? In...

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Girls Who Are Not Red & Pink Fan

Does your girlfriend hate those same red and pink gifts especially designed for Valentine’s Day? I can sympathize with you and can understand the struggle...
crop top

How to Style High Waisted Jeans Like a True Fashionista?

In case you haven’t noticed, high waisted jeans are back in fashion again. These are not popular only because these hide love handles, belly...

Dos and Don’ts of Night Skin Care Regime

  Are you fed up of seeing dull and darker skin every time you look in the mirror? Isn't your skin showing any signs of...

6 Makeup and Fashion Tricks To Look Slim Instantly

Are you fed up of trying so many tricks to lose weight? Do you hate counting calories every day to look slim and attractive?...
charcoal for oily skin

7 Ways Activated Charcoal Can Make You Look Beautiful in No Time

Charcoal for beauty and hair; doesn’t it sound crazy? I also had the same thought when I first heard about the use of activated...
Polo shirt and shorts

7 Outfit Ideas to Look Fabulous on Your Next Summer Trip

Location decided. Budget set. Hotels booked. Bags packed??? Deciding what to pack in bags when moving out for a vacation is one of the most exciting...
dry skin cream

Dry Skin: Why Live With It When You Know There’s a Way Out?

In today’s world, where we all try to look and feel our best, we need to make sure that we are doing so in...
Fresh Papaya

5 Best Products to Minimize Open Pores Naturally

Pores are undoubtedly important for all of us to sweat and eliminate excess oils. But sometimes these pores become more problematic than helpful. For...

Hair Care Mistakes That Ruin the Health of Your Locks

All of us be it a man or woman wants to have a lustrous mane of hair. But in greed to get beautiful, shiny...