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FlabtoFab – Inspiring Weight Loss Journey of RJ Malishka Mendonsa

Besides her weight, she gained popularity for her bubbly, sensitive and energetic nature. The beautiful lady is a highly popular RJ in Mumbai and...

What Makes Handloom Sarees Premium and Great Buy For Indian Women?

Saree is an indispensable part of Indian women's attire choices. Be it the ancient time when these used to be draped like a piece...
Lose Thigh Fat

5 tips to lose weight around thighs just in a week

Thanks to the unhealthy food we eat and the lifestyle we have, uncontrolled weight has become a common problem nowadays. While some people are...
glossy lids

How to Nail the Glossy Lids Look in 3 Simple Steps?

You must have seen it on runways or on the magazine covers. Glossy lids are the chicest eye makeup trend that only a few...
apply makeup

5 Best Makeup Ideas for Glamorous Party Look

The biggest night of the year is finally here. Every girl wishes to keet her best foot forward in the New Year party to...
silpa shetty with son

Shilpa Shetty Opens Up on Fat Shaming She Faced Post Pregnancy

  Bollywood actresses are taken as the style icons and people expect them to look hot and glamorous everytime. Be it Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Kareena...

7 Fashion Tips To Look Dazzling This Diwali

Festive season has already started. We all know, Diwali is not just about cleaning and decorating the house, but also about shopping new outfits...
cover image

A Beginner’s Guide to Apply Perfect Eyeshadow

No matter how beautiful is your lipstick's color or how glamorous is your outfit, your look is incomplete without eye makeup. When done perfectly,...

6 Makeup and Fashion Tricks To Look Slim Instantly

Are you fed up of trying so many tricks to lose weight? Do you hate counting calories every day to look slim and attractive?...

7 Simple Ways For Men to Look Great in Office

Nicole Williams, a career expert at LinkedIn says, "The problem with appearance is that is translates into performance. Even if your boss doesn't think...