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Lose Thigh Fat

5 tips to lose weight around thighs just in a week

Thanks to the unhealthy food we eat and the lifestyle we have, uncontrolled weight has become a common problem nowadays. While some people are...
Yogurt and Raspberries

6 Food Combos To Lose Weight Without Hitting the Gym

Joining the gym is the first thing in the list whenever we think about losing weight. And the second thing is striking the food...
Protein Rich Foods for Healthy Weight Loss

10 Protein Rich Foods for Healthy Weight Loss

Protein Rich Foods for Healthy Weight Loss Weight loss is what most of us want, but not everyone gets success on it. Further, in the...

Want to Get Rid of scar marks – Try These Lemon Face Masks

Glowing and flawless skin is every girl's dream. And getting it naturally is like a cherry on the cake. In a world full of...

A Blissful 2 Days Delhi to Shimla Trip with Bestie

2 Days Shimla Trip with Bestie It was a long weekend on Republic day when my friend and I suddenly planned this blissful trip to...

11 Tips to Look Like a Diva in Salwar Kameez

Tips to Look Like a Diva in Salwar Kameez Salwar Kameez might look like an easy outfit that can be worn at any occasion and...

10 Holi Specific Tips to Protect Your Hair & Skin From Colors

As the month of love February gets over, in March, people get excited about the festival of colors - Holi. This is a beautiful...
Gaurav Mukesh

Congrats Gaurav Mukesh For Blue Tick on Facebook and Instagram

Social media in today’s time has become the best platform for people to come together. Not just friends and families, it has also given...

10 Ways to Look Younger Naturally Without Makeup

Look Younger Naturally Without Makeup Physical Appearance Change is the law. Love your body and keep on exploring new styles with respect to change in...
exercise for chin and jawline

Try These Simple Facial Exercises for a Slim and Wrinkle Free Face

Looking sexy and young is almost every woman's dream. In order to realize this dream, we spend hours in gym and kill our desire...