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Polo shirt and shorts

7 Outfit Ideas to Look Fabulous on Your Next Summer Trip

Location decided. Budget set. Hotels booked. Bags packed??? Deciding what to pack in bags when moving out for a vacation is one of the most exciting...
Sneak it like Kangana

Ditch those heels. Wear sneakers with a linen saree. Because why would you not?

Are you still trying to find a common ground between high heels and the six yards of a saree? Do you still secretly pray...
Time to Visit a Sleep Doctor

How to Know It Is Time to Visit a Sleep Doctor

The society today demands a lot of responsibility hence making very many people busy. Thus balancing all the needs and wants is a great...
navratri special food - Herbs and spices

What to Eat During Navratri Fast to Stay Healthy and Look Beautiful

Time of the year when Goddess Durga and her nine avataars are worshiped is approaching soon. Yes, you got it right; we are talking...
crop top

How to Style High Waisted Jeans Like a True Fashionista?

In case you haven’t noticed, high waisted jeans are back in fashion again. These are not popular only because these hide love handles, belly...

5 Unexpected and Different Uses of Mascara

We all use mascara to add volume to our eyelashes to make them look beautiful. It makes an integral part of the complete eye...
makeup brushes

Helpful Tips to Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean and Last Longer

  Makeup is like a necessity for most of the girls. It not just helps you look beautiful but also boosts the confidence. And the...
cover image

A Beginner’s Guide to Apply Perfect Eyeshadow

No matter how beautiful is your lipstick's color or how glamorous is your outfit, your look is incomplete without eye makeup. When done perfectly,...
Lose Thigh Fat

5 tips to lose weight around thighs just in a week

Thanks to the unhealthy food we eat and the lifestyle we have, uncontrolled weight has become a common problem nowadays. While some people are...
Yogurt and Raspberries

6 Food Combos To Lose Weight Without Hitting the Gym

Joining the gym is the first thing in the list whenever we think about losing weight. And the second thing is striking the food...